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Bungee jumping philippines

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Most Extreme Adventure Park in the Philippines (Laguna) bungee jumping philippines

Follow our live coverage for the latest news on the coronavirus pandemic. Tram and Alexander Andric got married in Canberra on Saturday.

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Now, in a very fortunate twist of travel fate, they're already on an jumpung honeymoon. Flying in the travel bubble which opened on Monday, the couple from Canberra flew from Sydney to Queenstown, saying they took a "calculated risk" when making the plans. They booked as soon as the travel bubble was announced, deciding to take their chances.

bungee jumping philippines

Now they're jumpimg, the pair are certainly making the most of it. As part of the welcome festivities at Queenstown Airport, all passengers on Monday's flight were offered a free bungee jump. Tram and Alexander said a quick, 'Yes please,' and within minutes were on the bus en route. Less than an hour later, they were wearing harnesses, tied together and counting down to their tandem jump.

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Like, 'This one time, this guy came to the airport and said free bungee and took me in a truck'. Alexander had a lot of jokes about how marriage is like a big leap of faith, just like bungee.

bungee jumping philippines

He's always been the push and the pull. It's good," Tram said. While Queenstown is banking on more tourists like the Andrics making their way across the Tasman, there are plenty of people simply returning home to the South Island.

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Walking out of customs and into the Queenstown arrivals halls, passengers were met with a traditional Maori welcome, local officials, a band and two very patriotic entertainers. Some had planned surprise reunions, others were far too emotional for the spotlight and quietly stepped to the side to http://rectoria.unal.edu.co/uploads/tx_felogin/children-at-home-and-abroad/each-state-retains-its-sovereignty-freedom-and-independence.php and cry. The atmosphere was bungee jumping philippines little chaotic, but full of celebration and collective relief.] pholippines

bungee jumping philippines

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