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Vandal Michael Fay Sentenced to Lashes by Cane in Singapore [1994]

Caning corporal punishment in singapore graphic - excellent and

But I often meet people who would like to learn more, particularly in relation to politics, democracy, and civil liberties. I hope this primer will be helpful! I plan to periodically update this primer, as I did with the previous overview. I'm re-issuing this as a new piece because I think it's sufficiently different from the old version. Everyone else is PAP. caning corporal punishment in singapore graphic

Caning corporal punishment in singapore graphic - opinion

As one of the founding members of the People's Action Party , Lee is recognised as the nation's founding father , credited with rapidly transitioning the country from a " developing third world country into a developed first world country within a single generation" under his leadership. In a week of national mourning , about 1. After attending the London School of Economics , Lee transferred to and graduated from Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge , with starred-first-class honours in law. He became a barrister of the Middle Temple in and practised law until Lee co-founded the People's Action Party PAP in and was its first secretary-general until , leading the party to eight consecutive victories in the general elections. Lee stepped down as prime minister in and was senior minister under his successor Goh Chok Tong until , then minister mentor under Lee Hsien Loong until

Image: Transformative Justice Collective. Long-drop hanging on Friday at braphic. Cited by authorities as a "deterrent" to keep the country low in crime and endlessly clean, the death penalty in Singapore is applied largely for three charges: drugs, murder, and firearm offences. Of the three, drug offences are by far the most significant.

For possession of caning corporal punishment in singapore graphic amounts of drugs experiment timeline tuskegee 2g of heroin or 15g of cannabis, for example — intention of trafficking is presumed, for which the penalty is up to 20 years in jail, and 15 corplral of the cane. Another threatening threshold looms: for a larger amount — for example, 15g of heroin or g of cannabis — the mandatory death penalty caning corporal punishment in singapore graphic invoked. If found guilty, the verdict is death, and this charge cannot be changed, appealed, or reconsidered, even by the judge.

While recent modifications of this law allow very specific circumstances to change a death sentence to a life sentence with caning, the amendments remain unclear and problematic. Prison reports show that for drug offences, 11 were hanged inand two in Inspired by this, a group of activists began to talk about the wider context of the issue of the death penalty: incarceration, inequality, justice, and intersectionality. While anti-death penalty activists in Singapore have long been working to move the death penalty and specific capital punishment cases forward and into focus, TJC differs in its approach: it is a broader context that the organisation believes is essential.

caning corporal punishment in singapore graphic

And this is what is essentially different: to not just speak out and act for or against, but to first encourage deeper and more independent thought. In the tightly governed city-state, citizens have often been hesitant to take to the streets or to stand in protest. As TJC sets out to deepen public understanding of the death penalty in Singapore, and the drug control regime, the climate in which they work continues to shift, too.

Following his three weeks in prison, and the conversations he has had with inmates himself, Jolovan has spoken about the prison conditions in Singapore, and the ways in which they fail. There are no beds, mattresses, fans, tables or chairs. When compared to international standards such as the Nelson Mandela Rules that set minimum standard conditions that prisons should adhere to, Singapore falls short.

Inmates typically spend one hour outside their cells for yard time. Because of Covid, they are not allowed to leave their cells at all, and instead largely remain in solitary confinement. Meanwhile, the government continues to insist that incarceration and harsh drug laws act as caning corporal punishment in singapore graphic deterrent, socio-economic conditions which lead to committing offences are not considered.

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And similarly to the rest of the world, minorities and marginalised groups are overrepresented in both prison and drug-related offences. As the activists continue to build a movement and continue the conversation, many battles ahead remain.

caning corporal punishment in singapore graphic

Awareness, while growing, is limited, and the collective is well aware that anti-death penalty activism is often misunderstood, or viewed with suspicion. And while the underlying theme to this activism is sinngapore push for abolishment and reform, it is a long journey ahead — and one start starts with conversation, education, and engagement. We are proud of your moral clarity, your unwavering values, and your willingness to fight for a fairer, more democratic Singapore. Image: Jolovan Wham. This website uses cookies, you can find out more and set your preferences here.

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Normalising dissidence In the tightly governed city-state, have often been hesitant to take to the streets or to stand in protest. Your name. About text formats. Suggested Reading.

Civil liberties or the Chinese model? Issues with vaccine passports We should think twice before ceding more of this kind of power to the state. Myanmar trade unionists at online solidarity meeting Activists from Myanmar's labour movement spoke at online solidarity meeting organised by New police bill protests April We must step up the fight to defeat the Tories' attack on democracy. Civil liberties, justice, crime Solidarity21 April Asia. I Agree.]

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