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First begun in the early 14th century, it was joined together with the Collegiale of Notre Dame beginning in the mdth century, and cathedral symbolism a new transept and late Gothic chevetfinished between and Metz Cathedral has the third-highest nave symbolizm cathedrals in Cathedral symbolism It is nicknamed la Lanterne du Bon Dieu "the Good Lord's lantern"displaying the largest expanse of stained glass in the world with 6, m 2 69, sq ft. A Gallo-Roman oppidumor fortified town, called Diuodron Medimatriques, occupied the site from at least the first century B. It became a stop on the trade route cwthedral Lyon and Trevesand was an imperial residence cathedral symbolism the Holy Roman Empire between and The presence of the first bishop, Clement, is recorded in The cathedral was built on an ancient site from the 5th century dedicated to Saint Stephen.

Gregory of Tours mentioned the existence of the church inand a cathedral under the archbishop Arnoul is mentioned in The Archbishop and Saint Chrodegang is mentioned in accounts of the time as a papal envoy to the Franks. He is credited with introducing the Roman liturgy and chants, with the support of King of cathedral symbolism Franks, Pepinbetween and Chrodegang is also credited with establishing the first cathedral chapter in western Europe, and also the first cathedral close, combining summary of fences, dormitory, refectory, and other functional buildings.

This system was formally adopted by other Stmbolism cathedrals under the Capitulary of Aix-en-Chapelle in The Romanesque or Ottonian cathedral in imagined by Auguste Migette Inafter cathedral symbolism disputes between the successors to Charlemagnethe Holy Roman Empire was broken into four parts.

cathedral symbolism

InMetz and its province Lorraine allied cathedral symbolism East Francia while remaining an autonomous duchy. It maintained this status untilwhen it formally became part of France. The construction of a new cathedral began under bishop Thierry I between andand was completed under his second successor Thierry II of Luxembourg, between and It was built what was later called Ottonian architecturea form of pre-Romanesque architecture.

This church had two towers and three bays on the symbolusm front, a nave with three vessels, and a larger tower over the transept. Because of its placement on a terrace next to the Moselle River, the cathedral could not have the traditional east to west cathedral symbolism from the choir to the west front. Instead, it was oriented on an axis from southeast to northwest.

cathedral symbolism

The roof, following a regional tradition, was covered with tiles of white limestone. Cathedral symbolism smaller church, the Collegiale of Notre-Dame-la-Ronde, was built close to the old cathedral in the 8th century, and was entirely rebuilt between and to be oriented directly with the axis of the Cathedral.

cathedral symbolism

The complex of early buildings also included the cloister and a palace for the archbishop, where the market square is located today. The work began under Jacques de Lorraine, the head of the chapter, who became bishop in The vault of the new structure was not planned to be higher than meters. The plan integrated the neighbouring Collegiale of Notre Dame into the western cathedral symbolism of the cathedral, which resulted in the absence of a traditional west-end portal.

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The south-western porch of the cathedral became cathedral symbolism entrance of the former collegiale. The nave, with the exception of its vaults, was probably finished between Then a decision was taken to make the cathedral much taller, with the addition of a new level of large windows about forty meters high, equal in height to the two levels below. New more massive columns were added, and the triforium between the arcades and high windows was enlarged and strengthened to support the greater weight.]

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