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Catholic versus protestant catholic versus protestant.

Have you ever wondered what the differences between Catholics and Protestants?

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Maybe you think it is not that important. If you want to really understand Christianity, you need to understand its various groups. Here we are going to help you to understand catholic versus protestant two largest branches of the Christian faith in the world today. In this article, we discuss the background to the Catholic and Protestant divisions and its history. Then we discuss the many similarities between the two groups.

catholic versus protestant

Many people, even Christians believe that there are no major differences between the two faiths and wonder what all catholic versus protestant fuss is about. However, as this article will show you, there are real differences between the two confessions, on important theological issues and organization. We will help you to understand these, with specific references to how they interpret the bible and their different practices.

There will be some discussion as to differences between Catholics and Protestant groups such as Anglicans, Lutherans, and Baptists.

catholic versus protestant

The differences between Catholic and Protestant is essential if you are to understand modern history according to Heal. There is a discussion on the long conflict between the two confessions. There will be special attention to the long history of often bloody conflict between Catholic and Protestants in Ireland.


In Western and Southern Europe, the Catholic Church was the only Christian Church and it was headed by the Pope, who had great spiritual and temporal power. Martin Luther challenged the Papacy, whom he believed to be corrupt and this led to the Reformation.

catholic versus protestant

Luther wanted to reform the Catholic Church but instead, his calls for reform led to the emergence of new Churches, such as the Lutheran, typically with the support of local rulers.]

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