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Cholera cot

Cholera cot - talented phrase

According to a computer-generated randomization list, patients full filling the entry criteria will be randomized to either intervention group Pivmecellinam plus butyrate enema or control group Pivmecellinam plus normal saline enema. Placebo enema will contain normal saline pH 7. A standard clinical history and clinical examination will be performed by one of the investigators or study physician. All patients will receive Pivmecillinam, mg, 8 hourly for 5 days. The intervention group will receive butyrate enema 80 ml of 80 mM sodium butyrate, 12 hourly for 72 hours while the placebo group will get 80 ml of normal saline 12 hourly for 72 hours. All patients will receive the usual hospital food three times a day breakfast, lunch and supper.

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Vibrio cholerae (Cholera) - an Osmosis Preview cholera cot.

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cholera cot

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cholera cot

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