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He was moved from his cell in Tora prison to an undisclosed location after his lawyer, Shaaban Saeed, asked the authorities to transfer him to hospital. He has never been charged. In a letter from prison a week ago, El-Shamy said he was questioned by guards on two consecutive days who urged him to give up his hunger strike. They were detained on 29 December last year. Their trial is due to resume on Thursday 15 May. cnn al jazeera

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Chad President Idriss Deby has died: Army spokesman

The unconditional withdrawal — four months later than a deadline agreed with the Taliban last year cnn al jazeera comes despite a deadlock in peace talks between the armed group and the Afghan government. The Pentagon has about 2, troops in Afghanistan from a high of more thanThousands more serve as part of a 9,strong NATO, which will withdraw at the same time.

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The delay in withdrawal — even by just over four months — has angered the Taliban, which has threatened to resume hostilities against US forces. That led then-President Barack Obama to send troops back cnn al jazeera Iraq. No one can. We have done that and now it is time for American troops to come home and the Afghan people to step up to defend their own country.


Afghan security forces were capable of defending the country, he said. Trump had set a May 1 deadline to withdraw. A United Nations report in January said there were as many as al-Qaeda fighters in Afghanistan and that the Taliban maintained a close relationship with the group. The Taliban denies al-Qaeda has a presence in Afghanistan. Announcing his decision to withdraw troops, Biden said the US would monitor the cnn al jazeera, reorganise counterterrorism capabilities and keep substantial assets in the region to respond to threats to the US emerging from Afghanistan.]

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