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Guide to the 2018-19 Common App Essays: Writing about Setbacks and Failure (Prompt 2)

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college essay about failure example

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As time progresses our museums are becoming even more relevant and sought after than ever. Enabling the access of these important cultural resources to everyone would have enormous benefits in encouraging an active citizenship. Free-admission entry has been a focus of debates in several states throughout Europe and is even effective in a number of states, with the United Kingdom setting the pace. This report reviews the practicability and the impact of the policy by college essay about failure example examples of projects that have been implemented before in England, United States, France to support why a free admission policy to our museums has so many benefits and should be put in place.

The project will focus more on the economic impact of the practice.

college essay about failure example

Though museums are designed to attract the whole population across all age groups, the visits form the youths most often exceeds the edample of the adults. For instance when the free-admission policy was tried in ordered by President Zarkozy, it was noted that the was an increase in the museums visits especially from the youths and therefore France made the entry free for youths up to the age of The majority college essay about failure example adults never visit a museum, preferring instead leisure pursuits such as football, the cinema or clubbing.

Visits from the lower economic group are usually so minimal where charges are applicable and high. The number of visits to museums may increase or drop depending on several factors, among them entry fee and the wide variety of exhibitions. The supply of museum services is aboout easily adaptive to increases in demand due to the high cost involved. A change in entry fee has been observed to lead to changes in demand especially among the low economic class.

Price Mechanism

Diversifying the variety of exhibitions is a key factor to attracting a broad audience Youngs afilure Musuems especially the private operate their own prices. Unlike in the UK where most of the museums have scrapped their entry fee, in the US only a few important museums and galleries are free. The change in percentage visits to a by a specific demographic group to a museum divided by the percentage change in the entry fee is referred to as own price elasticity.

college essay about failure example

This implies that demand is price elastic for this group. For the case of MoMa on the other hand, demand was not price elastic. Cross-price elasticity on the other hand would be described for example by the change in museums visit in a museum due to the changes in entry fee in other museums. Income elasticity is the responsiveness of museums visits to the changes in incomes. An increase in incomes coupled with non-changing incomes may lead to higher museums visits, we noted that low economic classes visit museums lesser than the higher economic classes. Museums will have little value if there do not attain a significant article source of visits.]

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