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Estimated reading time: 6 minutes Locum vets can earn excellent money. Illustration: Tom Jellett In this time of practitioner shortage, locum vets are in hot demand, but there are questions of just how sustainable a profession really is that relies so much upon locums. By John Burfitt In the 11 years since he graduated from vet school, Dr Campbell Costello has been a locum veterinarian for the past four, taking on gigs from one end of Australia to the other. After years of working on-staff at a variety of practices, Dr Costello admits he was on the brink of burning out from workplace stress. Instead, he became a locum vet, and has never looked back. cons of being a veterinarian

Pros: they purr and snuggle. Cats not kittens are mellow and protective, playful at all ages. Don't need to be taken for daily walks, no bathing required its recommended that you don'tno dog smell, and they take care of mice in beinv house and in your yard. They are trainable. I'd like to ask you a favor. Rescue an older cat.

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It doesn't have to be an old cat just one that is no longer a kitten maybe up to 5 years old. Kittens don't have as much trouble being adopted so its the old cats that get gassed. I hope you are adopting from a shelter. Quote: Originally Posted by Ohiogirl81 Cons: You will never be able to be on the other side of a closed door without complaint. You will never be able to use the bathroom without supervision.

cons of being a veterinarian

Your body will become a bed or pillow, rendering you motionless for hours at a time. You will lose custody of some horizontal surfaces chairs, sofas, ottomans, bedsblankets, and pillows. You may be awakened at odd hours of the night to play with, pet, or feed Kitty.

cons of being a veterinarian

You may experience begging for whatever food you have, whether Kitty actually wants to eat it or not. Pros: You get companionship, snuggles, warmth, softness, friendship, love, laughter, and an excuse to be a couch potato. I can add very little to these two responses, as to general pros and cons. But I want to mention 3 very important things to consider; 1. Please consider, and decide, what is more important to you I would rather see you not adopt a cat, than adopt one and declaw it to protect your veyerinarian.

Do do your homework on this barbaric practice.


Also consider the financial aspect of prospective vet care in the future. That may become an issue as they age.

cons of being a veterinarian

My personal recommendation is to establish a savings account now while they are young and healthy so you will have resources later should you need it. There's also pet health insurance, but I have no experience with that to recommend. Last but not least The worst wet food is better than the best dry food, and a raw or similar diet would be optimal. This forum is a very good resource for cat guardians. There is a huge volume of experience here, and many nice folks who will be glad to help, and answer questions.]

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