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Major Depressive Disorder - Diagnosis Criteria, Symptoms, and Treatment criteria for diagnosing depression.

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Depression is a formal mental health condition, not a personal choice. In fact, there are different types of depression. Each of them has specific symptoms and might have different options for treatment. When you think about depression, symptoms of major depressive disorder MDD might be the first to come to mind. Lingering sadness, despair, lack of energy, and emotional numbness are all symptoms you might face if you live with MDD. A few mental and physical side effects of depression can also be experienced. Criteria for diagnosing depression

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depreszion Figures for the lifetime prevalence of depression vary according to the criteria used to define depression. This means that an average person has about a one in seven 15 percent chance of developing depression in the course of his or her lifetime, and about a 1 in 20 5 percent chance of suffering from it at this very point in time.

criteria for diagnosing depression

However, these figures mask a very uneven gender distribution as depression is about twice as common in women than in men. The reasons for this uneven gender distribution are not entirely clear, but are thought to be partly biological, partly psychological, and partly sociocultural. Compared to men, women are much more subjected fluctuating hormone levels.

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This is especially the case around the time of childbirth and at the menopauseboth of which are associated with an increased risk of developing depression. Women are more ruminative than men, that is, they tend to think about things more—which, though a very good thing, may also predispose them to developing depression. In contrast, men are more likely to react to difficult times with stoicicism, angeror substance misuse. Click are generally more invested in criteria for diagnosing depression than men.

criteria for diagnosing depression

Relationship problems are likely to affect them more, and so they are more likely to develop depression. Women come under more stress than men. Not only do they have to go work just like men, but criteria for diagnosing depression may also be expected to bear the brunt of maintaining a home, bringing up children, caring for older relatives, and putting up with all the sexism! Women live longer than men. Extreme old age is often associated with bereavementlonelinesspoor physical healthand precarity—and so with depression.

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Women are more likely to seek out a diagnosis of depression. They are more likely to consult a physician and more likely to discuss their feelings with the physician. Conversely, physicians whether male or female may be more to make a diagnosis of depression in a woman.

Perhaps you can think of some other reasons why depression is twice as common in women than in men, in which case please let us know in the comments section. Sign in.

criteria for diagnosing depression

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