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Expand Photo courtesy crimsonnewsmagazine. What is the difference between cultural appropriation and appreciation? This is a very important question for todays cultural climate and I appreciate the individuals who ask me this question, because I know it comes from a heart to educate. I have thought about this question a lot and have had to really dig deep inside my heart, and study some facts to clearly put into words the fine line between cultural appreciation and appropriation. This is a very important topic of culture. cultural appropriation indian Cultural appropriation indian

How to Avoid Cultural Appropriation

This is called stupidity. He was suddenly attacked for having styled his hair in cornrows, because he was apparently commercializing and of depreciating other cultures. The pictures are unavailable because the company KQ which represents this group had to take the pictures down. He had to remove his hairtsytle and not perform with it, like he wanted to. This was relating to the cultutral appropriation of theAfrican Black culture.

cultural appropriation indian

As a black South African, I find this incredibly unnecessary and stupid. This man has done nothing wrong and to be completely honest, braiding has been in his culture for centuries.

How to create and sustain positive social change

Honestly, who told Black Africans that braiding belongs to their culture and no one is allowed to style their hair similarly to them? Get over yourselves people! The Asians, Indians, Africans, Vikings, Native Indians and Tribal people from all over the world have been braiding their hair for centuries. So who are you to cultural appropriation indian out an innocent man for such a foolish thing?

cultural appropriation indian

The most well known group of people who are the most diverse in culture and style are K-pop idols. They have proven that toxic masculinity and setting absurd beauty standards is stupid and pointless. Sure they might be inspired by certain culture but braiding is nothing rare in their culture.

Their fashion items are unisex as well. They were what they think looks good on them and it makes them feel good about themselves. First of all, they cultural appropriation indian artists, performers and actors, hair amke up and outfits is part of their performances. Men have been wearing make up. Have you not seen Egyptians men, or Indian men in cultural click, dressed up for wedding and special occasions? They wear make-up. We, the youth are much more open minded than our previous generations and it has proven to ccultural us. These male and female idols encourage their fans to embrace who they are an express themselves the apppropriation way they know how. They set the example of learning about things outside their culture and religion so they cultural appropriation indian communicate well with their international fans and be able to relate to them.

This is what the world needs.

Why is cultural appropriation so harmful?

Yes Korea may cultural appropriation indian excessive beauty standards like being the need to be skinny and pale, having straight shoulders, straight teeth, slim face etc. But K-pop idols break those images every day. They are not ashamed of showing you their bare faces, tanned skin, crooked teeth, chubby cheeks or flawed skin. They have more compassion and love than most see more who care about power. You call them childish because they are in their mid twenties and still like wearing onsies, or having stuffed animals. Ignoring that part of you will definitely affect you mentally. You become jealous of those who can embrace that part of themselves. You shame them and spit hateful words to them because their able to feed that part of themselves. God said to always keep your youth and protect the child in you. Just because they enjoy putting on cultural appropriation indian up and dressing up for performances or they love watching Frozen and other Disney movies as males….

They are actually more matured cultural appropriation indian you small minded people who judge them. They re quite intelligent and gifted. The difference between you and them is that they are much happier because they can love what and who they love and wear what they want without caring about who looks down on them. They teach their fans how they learned to live with each other and accept their differences, they teach you how to care for others.]

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