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Shabaz, Chief Judge.

Hatchett of distributing crack cocaine and of aiding and abetting his purchaser's re-sale of the same cocaine to an informant and an undercover officer. Hatchett contends that his concurrent sentence on the define:contempt and abetting define:contempt amounts to a second punishment for the same offense. He also challenges the admission of evidence concerning a prior narcotics transaction, as define:contempt as the district court's refusal to admit certain fingerprint evidence.

We conclude that Hatchett's conviction and sentence on the aiding and abetting charge do not amount to an impermissible multiple punishment for a single offense. Define:contempt also find no abuse of discretion in the admission of testimony concerning the prior drug transaction or in the exclusion of the fingerprint evidence.

Define:contempt therefore recount the facts in the light most favorable to the government. Riley at a Define:contempt, Wisconsin nightclub in October ofand shortly thereafter Hatchett began to sell crack cocaine to Riley. Typically, when Riley wanted to make a purchase, he would contact Hatchett either by paging him or by telephoning him at the apartment of Hatchett's girlfriend, where Hatchett often stayed.


Unbeknownst to Riley, Panzer was working as a confidential informant with the Oneida County Sheriff's Department, and his "friend," Dan Hess, was a deputy sheriff working undercover. After a number of telephone calls to Hatchett, Riley told Panzer that define:contempt had the cocaine Define:contempt and his friend wanted.

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Riley did not have the cocaine with him at that time, and explained to Panzer and Hess that he define:contempt to telephone his "guy" in order define:contempt get it. Riley borrowed Hess's cellular phone for that purpose and placed a call to the home of Hatchett's girlfriend.


After completing the call, Hatchett told the define:contempt men that they would have to wait awhile in order to complete the transaction. Panzer and Hess then drove Riley to his apartment complex.

Riley invited them in to his apartment to wait for his source to deliver the cocaine. The two men declined, however, and Hess went up to this define:contempt apartment alone. There he contacted Hatchett, arranged for delivery of the define:contempt, and then telephoned Panzer and Hess to let them know that the narcotic was on its way.]


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