Definition of aerobic respiration -

definition of aerobic respiration.

Cellular respiration

What is Respiration? Explain definition of aerobic respiration Simple Terms admin Send an email May 29, 2 6 minutes read The living organisms need energy for their activities. This energy is provided within the cell by respiration. Respiration is a universal process. The breakdown of complex carbon compounds and the release of maximum usable energy within the cell are called respiratioon. It is most familiar term. The step by step breakdown of the C-chain molecules and the release of energy within the cell are called cellular respiration.

definition of aerobic respiration

Respiration is a series of enzyme controlled oxidation-reduction reactions during which carbohydrates respiratory substrate produced during photosynthesis are oxidized to carbon dioxide, and oxygen is reduced to water. Energy is released as a result of bond by bond breakage of respiratory substrate.

definition of aerobic respiration

Much of this energy is stored into molecules of adenosine triphosphate ATP. The process is also called tissue respiration since it takes place within cells. It provides energy by cellular respiratio n. The metabolism of glucose depends on the availability of oxygen. The glucose definiition splits to form two molecules of acid before entering into the mitochondria.

This reaction is called glycolysis.

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Glyco means glucose and lysis means splitting. So, glycolysis literally means splitting of sugar.

definition of aerobic respiration

It occurs in the cytosol.]

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