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Abstract Background Neovascular age-related macular degeneration nAMD presents a significant treatment burden for patients, carers and medical retina services. However, significant debate remains regarding how best to manage nAMD when assessing disease activity by optical coherence tomography OCT , and particularly the significance of different types of fluid and how the understanding of anatomical efficacy can influence treatment strategies. This article provides opinion on the practical implications of anatomical efficacy and significance of fluid in the management of nAMD and proposes recommendations for healthcare professionals HCPs to improve understanding and promote best practice to achieve disease control. Methods An evidence-based review was performed and an expert panel debate from the Retina Outcomes Group ROG , a forum of retinal specialists, provided insights and recommendations on the definition, role and practical implications of anatomical efficacy and the significance of fluid at the macula in the management of nAMD. Results The ROG has developed recommendations for achieving disease control through a zero-tolerance approach to the presence of fluid in nAMD as patients who avoid fluctuations in fluid at the macula have better visual outcomes. definition of cohesively.

Thereby, there are different ways to define group cohesion, depending on how researchers conceptualize this concept.

definition of cohesively

However, most researchers define cohesion to be task commitment and interpersonal attraction to the group. Its dynamic nature refers to how it gradually changes over time in its strength and form from the time a group is formed to definition of cohesively a group is disbanded. Its instrumental basis refers to how people cohere for some purpose, whether it be for a task or for social reasons. Its emotional dimension refers to how cohesion is pleasing to its group members. This definition can be generalized to most groups characterized by the group definition discussed above.

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These groups include sports teamswork groupsmilitary unitsfraternity groups, and social groups. They develop definition of cohesively a number of components such as attraction, coordination, sense of belonging and shared emotions. The components can be known as antecedents of cohesion. Each component is explained in-depth below. Attraction[ edit ] Festinger and his colleagues highly focused on attraction as a force in comparison definotion any other forces. In a study, they asked the group members to identify all their good friends and calculated the ratio of ingroup choices to outgroup choices.

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According to Dionthe greater the, the greater the cohesiveness of the group. Group cohesion definition of cohesively similar to a type of group-level attraction which, according to Hogg, is known as social attraction. Attraction is a basic ingredient for most groups, however, when interpersonal relations between group members intensify, it can transform a conjoined group into a cohesive one.

definition of cohesively

Sense of Belonging[ edit ] In a cohesive group, individuals tend to fuse together to form a whole. Nonmembers who would encounter a group will be convinced that it is a tightly bonded group. Group members would express their sense of belonging to the group by being loyal to the group, identifying with the definition of cohesively and classifying themselves as oof.

definition of cohesively

They would also describe their unity by using terms such as family, us, community, team, etc. Coordination[ edit ] It is believed that cohesion is more the willingness to work together to accomplish a set of goals than the interpersonal relationships between group members.

According to Sieboldtask-oriented groups such as flight crews and military squads share a drive to accomplish their goals. Emotional cohesion is a multilevel process as emotions can be definition of cohesively. An emotion is a collective emotion when all the members of a group experience the same emotional reaction.]

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