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Soil Erosion Round the World - Causes and Solutions - Global 3000 deforestation due to agriculture Deforestation due to agriculture deforestation due to agriculture

What is tree cover loss? Tree cover loss is not the same as deforestation.

deforestation due to agriculture

The data presented here do not take tree restoration or regeneration into account and are therefore not an indication of net change. The tropics lost Nearly a third of that loss, 3. Primary deforestaation loss was 2. At least 1. Though the rate of primary forest loss was lower in than record years of andit was still the third-highest since the turn of the century.


The data reveal that several countries suffered record losses, and fires created astonishing impacts in primary forests and beyond. Though the situation remains bleak at the global level, some countries showed signs of improvement, offering lessons for other nations. Here are the locations of note for tree cover loss in Fires in Bolivia Spread Out of Control Bolivia experienced record-breaking tree cover loss due to fires, both within primary forests and in surrounding woodlands.

Fire scars are clearly visible in Bolivia in the tree cover loss data.

Executive Summary

The widespread fires in occurred due to a combination of climatic conditions and human activity. Large-scale agriculture is a major driver of deforestation in Bolivia, particularly for soy and cattle ranching. The Bolivian government made several regulatory changes in recent years to promote the expansion of deforestarion, including loosening restrictions on controlled burning just months before the fires.]

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