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dove evolution ad

This gives us a stronger foundation on which to base our decisions, and it helps us to see through the BS when someone pushes a crackpot theory. Google ushered in link building as a search engine optimization tactic with the invention of their link-based algorithm, Backrub.


At that point in history, link building was used to drive visitors directly to your website rather than for manipulating search results. Back then, marketers used a tactic called web rings wherein website owners published pages of links to other related websites. They did this for multiple reasons — to help themselves, others in their industry, and even visitors because frankly, search engines sucked at the dove evolution ad. People would actually visit these pages specifically looking for other interesting and useful websites to visit. Not only were there no Webmaster Guidelines, but there was also no incentive to build those types dove evolution ad links because they would have had no impact.

Automation would have been nearly impossible. It seems crazy to think about but once upon a time, Google was just getting started as a research project by two guys in college. It grew quickly from there and began gobbling up market share to eventually become the behemoth it is today. Once marketers learned that inbound links influenced ranking in Google, they dove headfirst into building or acquiring them by any and all means possible.

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Virtually overnight, link building transformed from being a strategy that had direct long-term benefits into a tactic that in practice, primarily only offered indirect benefits. One of the earliest widespread link building tactics used for SEO purposes was reciprocal link buildingwhich was an adaptation of the older web rings concept. Initially, website owners would simply publish a page where they would then link to other websites in exchange dove evolution ad those websites linking back to theirs. It quickly evolved into categorized links and paginated listings — basically a miniature directory. Specialized software was even developed to manage this tactic, which automated a majority of the workflow.


A website owner dove evolution ad have to first place a link to your site from click, then fill out a form on your website asking you to link to them. On the backend, a bot would parse their submission, check that their website does link to yours, and then send that info into a queue for you to review and publish. There was even an email component to many dove evolution ad these tools in that you could search for websites on a particular topic and mass-email the owners more info those websites asking them to link to your website in exchange for you linking to theirs.

The main difference between web rings and reciprocal links is that web rings are almost always linked to other highly relevant websites, while reciprocal links would often link to any websites willing to link back to them. This tactic started to become less effective once some website owners started refusing to link out. They believed that linking out to other ae would diminish their link equity, so they tried to get others dovr link to their website without linking back to them. When I was a rvolution, we had phone books, encyclopedias, dove evolution ad dictionaries. Today we have search engines that can return dove evolution ad correct answer to almost any query in an instant.

In between these two timeframes, we had a period of time where these sources of information were blended. We also had categorized directories that were similar in many ways to the old school phone books. Website owners could submit their website to be included in a directory, or the owner of the directory might even add particular websites simply because they provide great information. You could perform a search in these portals. Or, if you just wanted to explore, you could navigate to a particular category and start clicking on links. Countless directories sprung up during this time. DMOZ was one of the largest nonprofit evoluiton at the time. In fact, some people waited years to be listed, and in some cases, moderators would simply ignore any submissions by their competitors.

Untold thousands of directories popped up in varying forms. Some were hyper-targeted, focusing on a very small niche, while others were general directories that would link to literally anyone who was willing to pay the fee.

Once a directory reached a reasonable PR score, other people with new directories would submit theirs to be included. And that was on top of the ordinary business dove evolution ad who also paid to have their website included.]

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