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dreamland burning summary

(The Dream - Paris Burning, 1870 )

My gaze locks onto Dream before anything else. I huff a laugh, shifting to the side, then pat the mattress.

dreamland burning summary

I need… something to keep my mind occupied and distract me from the situation at hand. Instead, he shifts on his feet, seeming to settle into his post. I roll my eyes.

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Dream makes me feel safe. I can feel his breath as it puffs out. Usually it feels hot, usually he feels hot. But right now, less so. It must be my fever making me match his temperature.

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I blink, slow, meeting his gaze with my own, settling into the silence of the room. Close like this, still summaryy up, I lose some inhibition. His brows tick in with confusion, his eyes moving so he can stare. I huff a laugh at him, dragging my thumb along the length of his jaw in a repeated, intentional motion, dragging dreamland burning summary the grain of his facial hair.

dreamland burning summary

He watches for a moment, before he turns his eyes back forward, then lifts his hand, and does the exact same thing to me, minus the facial hair. I turn burjing face into his palm, rubbing my cheek against his rough skin, keeping my eyes locked to his face.

dreamland burning summary

Close together like this, I feel like I might be okay. That… everything— will— be—.

The World Could be Burning

I whine, tears welling in my eyes, a tremble starting in my core that branches out. I break, another whine starting in my throat that leads into a whimper. I open my eyes, doing my best to blink the tears away and see clearly.]

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