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How the influencer marketing will face disruptions in A RedSeer report from September last year stated that more than million songs were streamed daily, and podcasts have witnessed a similar trajectory, even though the absolute numbers are not comparable to music. This consumption of audio content is coming primarily from the millennials and Gen Z, who are looking to either complement their tasks or relaxation time through music, or to entertain themselves and even learn something new through podcasts. These listeners are not only most likely to spend the most amount of time consuming content on streaming platforms, but also to pay for an audio experience, if it stands out. So, what keeps them coming back for more, and even at some point, make them want to pay for an audio streaming experience? So, how does an audio service stand out enough for listeners to choose it over and over again? drifting the song Drifting the song

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drifting the song

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drifting the song

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drifting the song

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