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Alcohol Can Enhance Creativity—But at a Cost

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Despite a long career working in the retail liquor industry, Dave Erickson has never witnessed anything like what happened during the COVID pandemic. Plus all the restaurants and bars were closed so if you wanted a drink you were going to liquor stores. More people chose to drink at home or in hotel rooms, either because of restrictions or worries about the virus. The spring surge Erickson and his staff witnessed also ensued statewide as people prepped for the unknown, stocking up on alcohol with the expectation they would be stuck at home for a while. The Department of Revenue tracks wine and liquor sales directly because it sells those through its warehouses. Though Teton County has the ninth-highest population in Wyoming, its wine and liquor sales typically rank in the top three in the state because of the tourism industry, said Mike Moser, executive director of the Wyoming State Liquor Association, an industry group. Overall sales during the pandemic stayed high. drinking articles. drinking articles

For many people, a tipple is part of socialising and not something to worry about. For others, though, it can become a problem. During the coronavirus pandemic, one in seven Brits have reported drinking alcohol more frequently than before.

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With this in mind, the specialists at Delamere Health, Cheshirehave compile a list of safer drinking tips, to use drinking articles a guideline to ensure your health and sanity remain intact: Drinking articles the safer drinking drlnking recommendations The Chief Medical Officers low-risk drinking guidelines state that regardless of age or gender, you should consume no more than 14 alcoholic units a week and that these units should be spread out evenly over seven days. If you follow the safer drinking medical recommendations, you can still enjoy alcohol without the risks associated with drinking too much.


Drinking daily, especially when more than a couple of units, causes your liver to work less efficiently. The more alcohol you consume, the drinking articles its toll on your body, resulting in you feeling sluggish and suffering from a low mood.

Avoid drinking drinking articles an empty stomach Eating a decent meal before drinking will slow down the absorption of alcohol. You will also be inclined to drink less if your stomach is already full.

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There are many kits and recipes drinking articles there where you can experiment. Make it fun by challenging the whole family to produce the tastiest mocktail. This will take the focus off alcohol, and you may even find a drink drinkinf you prefer over alcoholic beverages.

If you are drinking — do not drive Drink driving causes many fatal accidents every year.

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If you have consumed alcohol the night drinking articles, remember that it takes the liver, on average, 1 hour to process 1 unit of alcohol. When you binge drink, it takes even longer as the liver struggles to cope with the backlog of alcoholic units. Driving the morning after and in some cases, articlfs the next day, you could still be over the drink driving limit.

drinking articles

If you want an alcohol free day, volunteering to be the designated driver is the perfect excuse not to drink. Take steps to ensure your safety while drinking When we drink alcohol, our inhibitions and sense of judgement are impaired.]

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