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Due process and crime control

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UNIT 4 AC 1.3 Models Of Criminal Justice

Due process and crime control - can not

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Theft, extortion, and vandalism are common forms of crimes that occurred in a construction project. The security in a project site is necessary to maintain the expected productivity and profits, and often, crime is not taken into account in the project plan.

due process and crime control

Due to this problem, it is crucial to conduct a proper management plan to control construction site security. This paper presents a research outcome on the effects of local crime towards the success of a construction project in Padang, Indonesia. A purposive sampling technique was adopted for the study. The eue of data collection involved obtaining primary data from the respondents by conducting questionnaire and structured interviews.

Compare And Contrast The Crime Control And The Due Process Model

source The questionnaires were filled-out by professionals from two categories of construction firms, i. Five contractor type nad project and thirty-four force account projects by the private sector were randomly due process and crime control.

The results showed that the theft occurred more frequently in general contract projects that are managed by the contractor than in the force-account projects. However, the gain-loss due to theft was four times higher in the force account projects than the contractor one. The vandalism occurred more frequently in general contract projects than in the force-account projects.

The occurrence of extortion is similar between general contract projects and force account projects. The extortion is found to be the most frequent security problem occurring on construction projects in Padang City, and can potentially increase the project cost.

Due Process

Keywords security factors; construction; project; cost; schedule. Vidhyasri, R. Volume 8 Issue 3. Sinesilassie, E. Linlin, J. R Rajaprabha, V. Vol 4 Issue 4.

due process and crime control

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