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12 Lines essay on Soldier -- SOLDIER Essay writing in english duties of a soldier essay Duties of a soldier essay


The instructors, usually retired military personnel, continue to receive retirement pay from the Federal government, but in addition, the schools pay the difference from what the instructors would receive if they were on active duty. The service concerned then reimburses the school for approximately one-half of the amount paid by the school to the instructor. Although active duty officers may be assigned, most instructors are retired from the sponsoring branch of the Armed Forces. In certain situations there may be additional instructors.

duties of a soldier essay

There are no national requirements that JROTC instructors have the teaching credential required by other teachers in public high school, although there are a handful of counties that do require a teaching credential. MCJROTC instructors need to have graduated from high school, have dhties least 20 years of active military service and be physically qualified according to Marine Corps standards.

duties of a soldier essay

Officer instructors need to have a minimum of a bachelor's degree, while a high school diploma or equivalent is sufficient for enlisted instructors. Navy Reserve officers, chief petty officers and petty officers to be hired as instructors.

duties of a soldier essay

The minimum education requirement for an enlisted naval science instructor is a high school diploma or equivalent, with a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university required for a commissioned officer senior naval science instructor. Often, students who participate for one year receive credit in lieu of a physical education class. Some public military schools mandate JROTC as a class for all grade levels, and have a curriculum that includes military history, military protocol, civics, and physical fitness. Their creed encourages conduct that brings credit to family, country, school and the corps of cadets, loyalty, citizenship and patriotism.]

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