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Classical[ edit ] Aristotle joined a perceived majority of his countrymen in condemning those who sought only to profit themselves; but he approved the man of reason who sought to gain for himself the greatest share of that which deserved social praise. These core themes inevitably relate to the concept of selfishness. Locke arguably opened the door for later thinkers like Ayn Rand to argue for selfishness as a social virtue and the root of social progress. Rather, cooperation ought to be the norm: human beings are by nature social animals, and so individual persons can only find their full good in and through pursuing the good of the community. Accordingly, in most criminal behaviors there is a heightened state of self-centeredness, that differently manifests itself in different situations and in different forms of criminality.

Sorry: Egoism vs altruism

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Egoism vs altruism egoism vs altruism.

Egoism and altruism can be considered as two different terms.

egoism vs altruism

These highlight two extremes of the nature of human beings. Egoism refers to the quality of being excessively self-centered, or else selfish. Altruism, on the other hand, refers to the quality of being completely selfless. Psychologists have always been fascinated with this changing nature of the human being, when his actions sometimes border on altruism and at some other times they border on egoism. According to them, a number of factors egoism vs altruism this interplay between diverse actions. This article attempts to comprehend the difference through an understanding of individual terminology.

What is Altruism?

What is Egoism? The term egoism is also referred to as egotism. This term can be defined as the quality of being excessively conceited or self-centered.

egoism vs altruism

A person, who is egoistic is usually inconsiderate of others and focuses solely on the individual self. Such a person would engage in any activity that harms others and benefit himself. In this sense, one can say, the sense of morality and moral obligation towards others, is lost on him. This can egoism vs altruism understood through an example.

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A man who is married and has two children decides to leave them because they are weighing him down. The family is poor and the wife alyruism children are incapable of earning for the family. The man finds that the situation is too hard and that he should not waste his life on such a pathetic situation and merely leaves. In such a scenario, the person is completely self-centered. He is inconsiderate about the others in the family and feels no moral obligation. Some believe that it is in human nature to be egoistic. For example, Thomas Hobbes who was a philosopher stated that human are naturally selfish. According to his thought, men are engaged in egoism vs altruism war against each other due to their selfish nature.

However, one cannot claim that all individual are egoistic.

What is Egoism?

This can be understood through the concept of altruism. Egoism — leaving your family helpless What is Altruism? Altruism can simply be defined as unselfishness. It is when a person puts egoism vs altruism needs of others even before himself. This is why it can be considered as the opposite of egoism. Such an individual is so concerned about others that he completely ignores himself. For example, take a soldier who sacrifices himself to save the others of his battalion, or else a parent that risks herself or himself to save the child. These are instances where an individual completely forgets his own self. Then it is considered as a sacrifice. There is a strong moral obligation and also emotional attachment that makes the individual be altruistic. Some people believe that this should not be considered as altruism, because the individual egoism vs altruism himself forward for another who is known to him. But altruism expands further. When an individual at a train station saves the life of another who is a complete stranger to him, risking his own life, this is also altruism.

egoism vs altruism

Psychologists have been engaging in various studies to understand why people engage in such behaviour. Altruism — man risking his life to save someone. What is the difference between Egoism and Altruism?]

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