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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. Abstract Abstract Emily Dickinson used at least placenames, or toponyms, in her poetic vocabulary. Approximately of Dickinson's 1, poems employ at least one placename, more than one tenth of the poetic corpus. In addition, Dickinson makes 7 references to sacred space and outer space. Dickinson refers to 29 different kinds of topographic entities: choronyms such as continents, oikonyms such as cities, oronyms such as mountains, hydronyms such as rivers, astronyms such as planets, and miscellaneous features such as languages, gardens, battle sites, or churches. emily dickinson poetry style

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Major characteristics of Emily Dickinson poetry

I love the short stanzas, including the dash as her favorite punctuation mark, but the meaning, as so often, is cryptic.

emily dickinson poetry style

She can admittedly be ironic, morbid, witty, dark, and a bit saucy. I will post a short, very slightly more serious piece on her poetry soon.

emily dickinson poetry style

I must think and compose myself first. Meanwhile, enjoy!]

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