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Tweet Email About a thousand years ago, a city grew in the floodplain known as the American Bottom, just east of what is now St. Louis in Illinois. A couple centuries after its birth it went into decline, and by it was deserted. The story of Cahokia has mystified archaeologists ever since they laid eyes on its earthen mounds—scores of them, including a story platform mound that until was the tallest manmade structure in the United States. Hypotheses are abundant, but data are scarce. In a study published recently in the journal Geoarchaeology, Caitlin Rankin of the University of Illinois not only argues that the deforestation hypothesis is wrong, but also questions the very premise that Cahokia may have caused its own undoing with damaging environmental practices. They hypothesized that Cahokians had deforested the uplands to the east of the city, leading to erosion and flooding that would have diminished their agricultural yields and flooded residential areas.

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Volume 73 Issue 3 Article by Robert R. Verchick Recently, legal scholars have begun to explore the meaning and significance of geographic space in law, a project highlighted in a Stanford Law Review symposium. Each issue raises questions of separation of powers and citizen influence in government within the environmental theory of environmental protection.

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Professor Verchick briefly describes his notion of Critical Space Theory, then applies it to the two environmental issues above in the environmental theory of the United States and the European Union. He finds surprising contradictions in American and European policy regarding the role of local participation and argues for a more consistent approach that values more strongly the views of people who are geographically close to environmental problems.]

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