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They sampled a total of 82 high school students 43 males, 39 females between the ages of 14 and These students were academically superior high school students who attended the Florida State University Summer Science and Mathematics Camp during the summers of 30 students and 52 students. The minimum requirements for admission to the program included percentile ranks of 90 or more on standardized achievement tests, as well as sustained high academic performance. The students were from the middle-to-upper-middle class socioeconomic status. Results showed that adolescents who were actively engaged in identity exploration were more likely to produce a personality pattern characterized by self doubt, confusion, disturbed thinking, impulsivity, conflict with parents and authority figures, reduced ego strength, and increased physical symptoms. Although results were interesting, there are several limitations in the study that must be considered. The semi-structured interview was designed to gather evidence of exploration and commitment in six domains: occupation, religion, politics, friendships, dating, and sex roles. Family relationship was not one of the domains in the Ego Identity Interview. eriksons psychosocial developmental theory

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eriksons psychosocial developmental theory

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eriksons psychosocial developmental theory

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