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Harriet Tubman Essay essays on harriet tubman.

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The Salem Witch Trials still affects and haunts the American imagination today. When the event occurred in , the colonial authorities has banned any publications that talked about or were related to it. Because they do not want people to spread any rumors that hurt the villages and make people alienated by it. Nowadays, the world is developing, human is developing, people get more interest to something weirdly. People like to read about their history, people like venturing weird theories about fungus bread, they like to listen some strange stories, especially that story is a real story. Based on knowledge of Americans appetite, many people were written about the Salem Witch Trials, some makes up it to make it more vivid. Essays on harriet tubman

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Harriet was called Minty. Minty was also a slave just like […]. Harriet Tubman is one of the most influential African Americans in history, but she would not have been so successful if it was not for her life growing up and the challenges she faced. Harriet Tubman encountered adversity as a child and without struggling as a child, she would not have been successful in what […]. Harriet Tubman was someone who was truly ahead of her time.

We believe that Harriet Tubman fits the theme of Triumph and Tragedy because she had a horrible and tragic life before she became free from slavery. As a slave, Harriet went through hard labor and was beaten regularly.

essays on harriet tubman the harsh conditions Tubman went through, she wanted all slaves to feel as free as she was, so she led over slaves to freedom through the Underground Railroad.

She fought for people while in the war for the Union Army, founded the organization National Association of Colored Women, and she planted the dream of freedom into the hearts and minds of many slaves. We chose tubmann topic by looking at what interested and fit us the most.

essays on harriet tubman

We wanted to do a topic that we were eager and excited about. From there, we got the topics that appealed to us, and did some deeper research on them. We made sure that they each fit the theme properly and made an impact on history. After a week of researching, debating, and choosing, we ended up with the remarkable abolitionist Harriet Tubman.

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We organized our research using videos, websites, newspapers, and books. We found essays on harriet tubman sources that helped us understand what Harriet Tubman went through as a slave. The different types of books guided us by assisting us in writing our script, and provided pictures from the mids of Harriet Tubman and people from that time assisted with our decisions for our costumes and props.

The theme for this year is Triumph and Tragedy in History. Harriet Tubman, an American abolitionist, and political activist, fits the theme because her story had a tragic beginning and a victorious ending.

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She was born into slavery as the eleventh child. She made a risky escape in her early twenties and became a free person. She then set off on a mission to help free other slaves. She victoriously freed over essaus and became a spy and nurse for the Union Army in the Civil War. Her triumph affected the lives of many, significantly for the better. We will send an essay sample to you in 2 Hours. If you need help faster you can always use our custom writing service.

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essays on harriet tubman

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