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Ethical dilemma examples for peds

Ethical dilemma examples for peds - return

Clearly identifies both positions grounded in scholarly literature. Included statistical significance to Pediatric nursing. Supports ideas with scholarly literature. Presents a plan for resolving the issue for patient, family and the nurse. The document must contain a minimum of words. ethical dilemma examples for peds

You will also explore the resources available to assist patients, families, and healthcare professionals in solving these dilemmas and integrate the principles of the ANA Code of Ethics. PO 1 CO 4 Utilizes critical thinking skills in clinical decision making in the care of pediatric clients.

ethical dilemma examples for peds

PO 4 CO 6 Utilizes legal, ethical, and professional standards and principles, including those related to child abuse recognition and intervention, as a basis for pediatric clinical decision-making. Write a page paper not including the title page and reference page using Ethhical format. Describe an ethical dilemma you encountered in your clinical setting. Keep in mind to maintain the privacy of all members involved in the dilemma. Identify all the relevant and applicable principles within the ANA Code of Ethics that relates to your dilemma. Describe in detail how your dilemma relates to the principle s you have identified.

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Discuss the outcome of the dilemma to the best of your knowledge. Discuss the resources within the clinical agency for dealing such ethical dilemmas. Utilize resources such as your textbook, journal articles, internet sites, etc. Complete the assignment using APA formatting. Include a reference page in APA format of sources used.

Describe the ethical dilemma, including how you became aware of the situation and who was involved family, health care providers, etc…. Include all the ethical principles that are relevant and applicable to the situation. Include a brief description of each principle identified.

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Provide specific examples from the situation to demonstrate this relationship. Utilize resources such as your textbook, journal articles, professional internet sites, etc. How did the situation develop over the time frame you were caring for the patient?

ethical dilemma examples for peds

What outcome was hoped for, ethicak no resolution occurred during that time frame? Identify the resources at the clinical agency to assist dealing with ethical dilemmas. What resources are available? Which were being used and for what reason s? In your opinion, were any other resources available, but not being used and should have been used in this situation?

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Provide rationales for your opinions. Support with literature highly recommended. Description of the dilemma is clear and comprehensive; Distinctively describes how student became aware of the situation; Specifically identified the types of people involved in the situation and their roles.]

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