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Maggie is defined in a less than complimentary way to the reader. Maggie's identity as unattractive and slow-witted yet lovable is largely born out of a juxtaposition to Mama's perception of Dee as an attractive but callous super-achiever.

everyday use quotes

This duality suggests the contrast between the old and new generation of African-American women in the late 's. Mama had been raised to be wary of speaking everyday use quotes against inequality, instead adapting to injustice through quiet passivity. But by the s and s, blacks had begun to challenge the status quo. By extension, a stronger African-American voice brought with it greater opportunities for advancement that Mama had not been afforded in her youth. Her daughter Dee also alludes to this changing sociopolitical atmosphere when she tells Maggie that this is "a new day" for them.

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Dee Wangero looked at me with hatred. The point is these quilts, these quilts. She is dismayed that Maggie and her mother would use the quilts everyday, despite their functionality. Dee views the quilts as remnants of a culture that is dying or already dead.

everyday use quotes

In this moment, Dee is not Dee, but Wangero - she ceases to understand the heritage in her hands. Dee rejects factory made quilts that Mama offers her: she cannot exploit them. My hair glistens in the hot bright lights.

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everyday use quotes Johnny Carson has much to do to keep up with my quick and witty tongue. Qyotes particular, her daydream highlights Dee's deepest-held desire to be a part of a world she was not born into. Mama knows Dee wishes she had a different upbringing, and Mama's fantasy of what she would look like in this setting reflects Dee's idealized version of self. Mama, pg.

everyday use quotes

The audacity of a rural Black girl from Georgia not accepting to be defined by anyone is both a blessing and a curse for both Maggie and Mama. Dee would fight her reality, even stepping over her own family to become something else.]

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