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Both perspectives are equally important as they play a major role in understanding personality in different ways and explaining them as well. In addition to that of psychodynamic personality theories, another set of equally important, and perhaps more interesting Snapshot Words 7 Pages behaviorism and psychoanalysis. Existential psychologists argued that people must come to terms with their mortality and that, in so doing, people will be obligated to accept that they are free—that they possess free will and are at liberty to defy expectations Comment On Humanistic School Of Psychology Words 5 Pages Comment on humanistic school of psychology. Humanistic school of psychology gained importance in midst of 20th century. Humanistic psychologists start from the conclusion that every person has their own unique way of understanding the world and that the things they do only make sense in this way. These approaches are psychodynamic, humanistic, cognitive and behavioral. Psychoanalytic therapy was the first major psychological therapy created by Sigmund Freud. Abraham Maslow hierarchy of needs focused on a theory of human motivation, management training, and personal development. Rogers Words 9 Pages through their individual subjective experiences. existential model of psychology.

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From the reading this week, mode learned about the following theoretical orientations that have emerged in psychology exiwtential address issues of abnormality and mental suffering: the biological model, the psychodynamic model, the behavioral model, the cognitive model, the humanistic-existential model, and the existential model of psychology model. For the discussion board this week, respond to the following: Biological, behavioral, and psychodynamic models of abnormal psychology all existential model of psychology that humans are affected by causes unique to their lives that are beyond each of our abilities to be fully aware of. For biological models, for instance, these would be our neurochemistry and genetic makeup i. Paragraph 1 If you worked as a mental health professional, do you think it could be helpful for you to assume that the individuals you are working with are suffering from causes that are ultimately beyond their full awareness and control? Why or why not?

Discuss how treatment article source look different if you were to utilize these models instead.]

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