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Extravagant spending extravagant spending.

They were on different sides of the saver-spender continuum. By contrast, my father—even with a modest salary from his government job—was focused on the art of spending.

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Branded condiments and drink concentrates were missing from our grocery list, because extravagant spending mother considered them overpriced. Instead, she joined a community food-processing center to learn how to make extravagant spending ketchup, rose syrup and the like. She used to make enough for our family, as well as neighbors and relatives. My childhood friends still reminisce about the homemade mango-flavored drinks that she served them on hot summer days.

Meanwhile, my father had no problem paying up for convenience and life-enhancing extras.

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Years before television became mainstream, he bought a black-and-white set for our home. A few years later, a basic refrigerator appeared in our kitchen to give my mother a break from daily cooking.

extravagant spending

When I first started working, I continued to live with my parents and—similar to my father—made a few big purchases. I installed an inverter power generator to combat the frequent electricity cuts at that time.

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Each purchase emptied my accumulated savings but was worth every paisa. This balance between saving and spending, alas, eroded over time.

extravagant spending

Ironically, this change happened because I started earning more—thanks to taking jobs overseas. I had grown up in extravagant spending city with an incredibly low cost of living. Faced with higher costs abroad, my resistance to spending kicked into high gear. My first foreign assignment was three years in Mauritius as a software consultant.]

extravagant spending

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