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Factors affecting plant growth Once absorbed, the majority of glucose is transported to
PARLIAMENTARY VS PRESIDENTIAL 19 hours ago · socio-cultural factors affecting subsistence agriculture among rural women: a study of bende local government area, abia state. 3 days ago · What factors affect bacteria growth? Food Safety Practices. To play this video. Apr 12,  · Factors affecting the growth of crops animals or plant There are several factors which affects the growth of organisms and its factors which are the group of organisms are grouped into two parts 1. One of the factors that affect the growth of organisms is known as external factors which include the availability of nutrients, humidity, light.
factors affecting plant growth.

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Go to: Abstract The secondary wall is the main part of wood and is composed of cellulose, xylan, lignin, and small amounts of structural proteins and enzymes. Lignin molecules can interact directly or indirectly with cellulose, xylan and other more info molecules in the cell wall, increasing the mechanical strength and hydrophobicity of plant cells and tissues and facilitating the long-distance transportation of water in plants.

Among them, MYB46 and MYB83, which comprise the second affecring of the main switch of secondary cell-wall biosynthesis, coordinate upstream and downstream factors affecting plant growth wall synthesis-related transcription factors. Here, we discuss the biosynthesis of secondary wall, classification and functions of MYB transcription factors and their regulation of lignin polymerization and secondary cell-wall formation during wood formation.

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Introduction The thickening of the secondary cell wall SCW —that is, llant lignification, is crucial in the development of secondary xylem, and its structure determines the characteristics of plant cells and organ development [ 12 ]. Cell wall formation of xylem cells involves the synthesis and deposition of secondary wall components, including cellulose, xylan, cell wall proteins and lignin [ 3 ].

factors affecting plant growth

After the lignin monomer is synthesized in the cytoplasm or near the endoplasmic reticulum, affefting passes through the cell membrane from the synthesis site into the developing cell wall through a series of transport mechanisms and promotes biosynthesis of the secondary wall [ 4 ]. Therefore, it is important to analyze the mechanism of SCW formation to improve wood properties and yield.


Numerous transcription factors TFs involved in SCW formation have been identified by gene editing and transgenic technologies in the model plant Arabidopsis Arabidopsis thaliana [ 56 ]. They mainly regulate plant responses to biotic and abiotic stresses, cell proliferation and differentiation, histomorphogenesis, organ formation and the contents and types of primary and secondary metabolites of plant metabolic pathways [ 7891011121314 ]. Here we review MYB-mediated SCW formation with emphasis on recent insights into this process, highlighting new concepts and areas that remain to be explored. This review is divided into three sections—in the first section, we discuss the mechanism of Factors affecting plant growth biosynthesis—wood formation, lignin production, and deposition. Mechanism of Secondary Wall Biosynthesis 2.

factors affecting plant growth

atfecting Wood Formation Wood is produced by the activity of the vascular cambium, and requires a complex developmental program involving the proliferation of vascular cambium cells, xylem cell differentiation and expansion, formation of the SCW, lignification and programmed cell death and, finally, mature secondary xylem including xylem parenchyma cells, factors affecting plant growth, tracheary elements and et al. The specific procedures for wood formation are as follows. The earliest primary meristems are of embryonic origin.]

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