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Fashion by anna cora mowatt

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fashion by anna cora mowatt.

A blog about artists of any medium, country or time Friday, April 16, Artist of the Day, April 16, Ron Nagle, an American ceramist, sculptor, musician Ron Nagle is an American ceramist, sculptor, musician and songwriter.

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He is known for small-scale, refined sculptures of great detail and compelling color. Born in San Francisco, Nagle was introduced to ceramics by his mother at an early age.

fashion by anna cora mowatt

He practiced ceramics in high school and developed an interest in jewelry-making which he pursued into his college years. Nagle enrolled as an English major at San Francisco State College, but later switched to the school's BFA, and graduated with a focus in ceramics in InNagle began a professorship at Mills College, where he taught ceramics for over 30 years. His involvement in West Coast culture—surfing, rock music, hot rod culture—is integral to both his art and music.

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Nagle owned a Ford Coupe to which he applied 40 coats of British racing green, sanding between each layer to achieve depth of color. This same fanaticism is evident in the detailed color and texture of his sculptures.

fashion by anna cora mowatt

Ron Nagle has practiced ceramics for over 50 years. He has worked extensively with the typology of the vessel—specifically the cup—and pushed through the utilitarian concerns of traditional craft into formal consideration of the medium.

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His small-scale, intimately sized sculptures are often composite of multiple elements and involve a confluence of techniques and materials including slip-casting, airbrushing, hand-molding, traditional and non-traditional glazing, scalp-metal, polyurethane, wax, and epoxy.

Drawing is fundamental to Nagle's practice, and he considers his work from a two-dimensional, flat point of view. This resonates with his stated interest in painting, fashion by anna cora mowatt he cites influences such as Giorgio Morandi, Cy Twombly, and Billy Al Bengston. His work is associated with the California Clay Movement, and Nagle is often included in exhibitions concerning Abstract Expressionism. Although Nagle has shied away from association with the traditional craft of ceramics, he has noted the influence of his contemporary more info working in the medium, such as Kenneth Price, as well as such vernaculars as Japanese Momoyama ceramics and s American restaurant ware.]

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