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She can be seen as one of the feminists who were against the penis envy theory explained by Sigmund Freud. In her view it has been shown that cultural factors can explain the tendency of women feeling inferior about their sex. Thus one can say that the "penis ;sychology is a symbolic representation of the attitude of the women in this culture. She presented an outline female psychology pdf the main facts towards the psychology of women in [3] and discussed the way culture and society have a discriminating and suppressing effect on women.

In discussing woman's biological differences from man, she indicated the general ways fsmale which society frustrates or distorts these basic drives. Not denying the necessity of female passive mindset, Thompson argued society has had a greater impact on female passivity than biological influences. She thought that patriarchal society utilizes these differences as a basis for establishing the male as superior, and the female as inferior. She did not share the opinion of Freud that women are doomed to less sexual satisfaction than men. In her opinion it is the liabilities in the society that limit women female psychology pdf not having strong sexual needs. An important point of discussion in Thompson's psychology of women is the problems women face when they must choose between being a home mother or a career woman without marriage.

Married women with children feel themselves as not fully using their capacities and also female psychology pdf seek psychoanalytic help for the restless loneliness they feel. Women have the desire for permanency and this can cause a conflict: on the one hand women are, like men, indoctrinated with the ideas of lsychology and on the other hand they hope to get married and have children. Clara Thompson wanted to stress that all societies make some distinction between men and women roles but that these distinctions may have little to do with biological evolution.

female psychology pdf

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female psychology pdf

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female psychology pdf

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