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Final Fantasy VII PSX 100% in 22:30:40 - NEW WORLD RECORD (Part 1 of 2) ff7 wr

Speedrunning is a play-through of a video game performed with the intent of completing a goal as fast as possible. World Record Discussion. Warwick's Awesome Speedruns and DemosFebruary An archive of marathon VOD threads can be found here. If you know of an upcoming marathon, please message the moderators! Here is a community-driven list of marathons kept up by Helix and nes. Check here for marathons that may not be on the sidebar or ff7 wr are even further out! Need an explanation on anything speedrun? Looking for a specific community discord? Check this list. Speedrunning Discord Channelthe largest general speedrunning discord channel. Llanfair useful timer Mac compatible! Community Speedrunning Websites Message the Moderators! ff7 wr

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This run was even more amazing when ff7 wr find out it was his 2nd run of the day. Kynos ran another 12 hour run immediately right before this one. That was so weird. I was heading to bed near the 3 hour mark, woke up towards the end and saw he was behind, thought "aw better luck next time.

When I came home from work I realized he was about to get the world record. Like wtf, kynos. Kynos is an absolute lunatic in the best of ways. Not only does he ff7 wr do 24 hour streams, he keeps commentary going the entire time.

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It's not always about strats and whatnot, but he is constantly talking gf7 interacting with chat; there is no dead air. Also shoutout to twitch chat during this run; near the end Kynos realized he didn't have the blood ff7 wr card, so while he wrapped up some other stuff, twitch chat went online and figured out the best place to get one quickly it only ended up taking him an extra 30 seconds. He's always my first pick for background noise ff7 wr I'm cleaning my room or whatever.

ff7 wr

It blows me away how he's able to just stream for ff7 wr hours like that, sometimes longer if he does FF7 then FF8 right after. It's really impressive how he keeps the commentary going, but you can hear how tired he is as the runs go on.]

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