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Fibonacci contributions to mathematics 22
Fibonacci contributions to mathematics 372
fibonacci contributions to mathematics. Fibonacci contributions to mathematics

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Implement the 1-indexed sequence Awhich starts like this:. This sequence is the lexicographically fibonacci contributions to mathematics sequence of positive integers, so that indexing into the sequence twice yields the regular Fibonacci sequence:. Due to the indexing nature of this sequence, the indexing is fixed to 1-indexing. Standard code-golf rules apply. The shortest code in bytes wins. Try it online! This is far from an optimal solution, probably both from efficiency and golfing perspectives, but I finally figured out how the generation even worked with much thanks to an observation from Bubbler, and I wanted to share it. Hopefully this helps as a starting point for anyone who isn't sure how to approach this, and maybe I will figure out a much shorter algorithm later on.

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The relevant function is awhich takes a positive integer n as input and returns the n th 1-indexed number of the sequence. This is really just a port of hyper-neutrino's answer. Sign up to join this community.

fibonacci contributions to mathematics

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fibonacci contributions to mathematics

Learn more. The half-step of Fibonacci Ask Question. Asked today.]

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