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Florence nightingale modern nursing theory

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Florence Nightingales theory

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Do you want to save dozens of hours in time? Get your evenings and weekends back? Be able to teach Florence Nightingale to your students? Our worksheet bundle includes a fact file and printable worksheets and student activities. Perfect for both the classroom and homeschooling! Great for home study or to use within the classroom environment. Download Florence Nightingale Worksheets. Download free samples. florence nightingale modern nursing theory

Florence nightingale modern nursing theory - have

Your community is at risk for a specific type of natural disaster e. Outline the items you would include in the plan. You are participating in a quality improvement project in your work setting. Share how you would develop ideas to present to the group based on a Nightingale approach. The novel greatly affects her beliefs about being a nurse and pursue the battle to change the negative stigma about nurses. She focused on the physical aspects of the environment. And when epidemic disease shows itself, persons using such water are almost sure to suffer. Proper ventilation focus on the architectural aspect of the hospital. Cleanliness and sanitation. Her nursing interventions focus on proper handling and disposal of bodily secretions and sewage, frequent bathing for patients and nurses, clean clothing and handwashing.

Poulin Nursing Student Essay Contest. Here is the essay:. In her Notes on Nursing ngihtingale, Florence Nightingale argued that nature alone can cure the sick. Cautioning against an over-reliance on medical care, which could do nothing more than remove obstructions to the natural healing process, Nightingale encouraged nurses to put patients in the best possible conditions for nature to act upon them. Her environmental theory highlighted the importance of cleanliness, ventilation, limited noise, uninterrupted sleep, proper nutrition, and sunlight in promoting recovery of the sick Hegge, ; Nightingale, Within this perspective, the role of the nurse was to provide an environment conducive to healing, support the patient in the healing process, and carefully observe the patient for signs of improvement or decline.

florence nightingale modern nursing theory

florence nightingale modern nursing theory

Certainly when Nightingale cautioned against an over-reliance on medical care, she could little have imagined the florence nightingale modern nursing theory and technology available today, especially in the care of the critically ill. Yet her careful distinction between the visit web page of medicine and the practice of nursing florence nightingale modern nursing theory relevant.

In the complex critical care environment, where medical treatments florencw frequently lifesaving, what unique contribution does the nurse bring to the care of the critically ill patient? I would argue that the role of the critical care nurse remains the same; to put the patient in the best possible condition for nature to act upon them Nightingale, The phenomenon of pediatric delirium offers an interesting case study in the importance of high-quality nursing care in the modern intensive care unit. Delirium is a frequent, significant complication of critical illness consisting of acute changes in mental status that develop over a short period of time and fluctuate throughout the day American Psychiatric Association, Up to Children describe their delusional memories of floence PICU as highly disturbing, including visual hallucinations of injured parents, monsters trying to eat them, and insects crawling on the walls Colville et al.

florence nightingale modern nursing theory

Furthermore, pediatric delirium is associated with poor clinical outcomes, including increased length of stay Smith et al. Although delirium has only recently caught the attention of the pediatric critical care community Kudchadkar, Yaster, et al.

Florence Nightingale’s mentor Mary Clarke had quite the reputation.

Through her observations, Nightingale noted that lack of sunlight, excessive noise, and fragmented sleep were associated with nightingae. This environment likely contributes to the altered sleep patterns experienced by critically florence nightingale modern nursing theory children Kudchadkar, Aljohani, et al. Nurses are uniquely positioned at the bedside to prevent delirium through environmental modification and regulation of the circadian rhythm; interventions which place the patient in the best possible conditions for recovery Nightingale, Sleep promotion interventions in the adult ICU are associated with a decreased incidence and duration of delirium Kamdar et al.

florence nightingale modern nursing theory

However, few researchers have considered the role of sleep in the development of pediatric delirium Calandriello et al. Nurse scientists are needed in the medically-dominated field of pediatric delirium research to highlight the important role of the critical care nurse in preventing and managing delirium Balas et al. My dissertation niggtingale focuses on the relationship between exposures in the pediatric critical care environment i.

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I chose to focus on PICU environmental exposures and sleep patterns because they florence nightingale modern nursing theory inherently nurse-driven; as the primary bedside caregiver, the nurse determines the type of environment in which children receive treatment. This dissertation study this web page inform future large-scale stu dies of sleep disruption and pediatric delirium, as well as the design and implementation of sleep promotion interventions for the PICU. The validation of sleep promotion as an effective, nurse-driven, non-pharmacological delirium prevention method has the potential to improve the neurocognitive symptom management and clinical outcomes of survivors of pediatric critical illness.

In my future work as a nurse scientist, I will continue to root my research in the ideals espoused by Nightingale in her Notes on Nursing My long-term career goal is to become a leader in improving the neurocognitive symptom management, clinical outcomes, and long-term health of critically ill children by optimizing the pediatric critical care environment.

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Al-Samsam, R. Sleep and adverse environmental factors in sedated mechanically ventilated pediatric intensive care patients. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, 6 5—7. American Psychiatric Association. Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders 5th ed.]

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