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Models of Practice What is a model? Models often are precursors to theory development. Directions In this assignment, you will locate a model of practice that you could apply to nursing. It does not need to be a nursing model. Models of practice can be found in leadership, business, education, and technology. You will explain why you have chosen the model and apply the model to your advanced practice role in the template provided. In the first row, in the first column, write the name of your chosen model. An example has been provided in the first rows to guide you. Assignment Details For this Assignment, your paper must be 2 to 3 pages, not including the title and reference pages. Assignment Requirements Before finalizing your work, you should: Minimum requirement of at least five sources of support be sure to read the Assignment description carefully as displayed above ; consult the Grading Rubric under the Course Resources to make sure you have included everything necessary; and utilize spelling and grammar check to minimize errors.

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The novel greatly affects her beliefs about being a nurse and pursue the battle to change the negative stigma about nurses. She focused on the physical aspects of the environment. And when epidemic disease shows itself, persons using such water are almost sure to suffer. Concerns of Environmental Theory 1. Proper ventilation focus on the architectural aspect of the hospital.

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Light has quite as real and tangible effects to the body. Cleanliness and sanitation. Her nursing interventions focus on proper handling and disposal of bodily secretions and sewage, frequent bathing for patients and nurses, clean clothing and handwashing. Warmth, diet and quiet environment.

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Unnecessary noise is not healthy for recuperating patients. Dietary intake. Petty management proposed the avoidance of psychological harm, no upsetting news. Strictly war issues and concerns should not be discussed inside the hospital. She includes the use of small pets of psychological therapy.

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They can be done by anyone. The nurse should perform the task for the patient and control the environment for easy recovery. She practices nurse-patient passive relationship. Environmental control uplifts maintenance of health. Importance of Environmental Theory 1. Disease control 2. Sanitation and water treatment 3. Waste disposal 5. Control of room temperature.

Noise management. Principles of nursing training. Better practice result from better education.]

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