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This modification is always active and applies to every jump unless it is removed from the module. A Guardian Frame Shift Drive Booster can increase jump range by a flat amount of light years that differs based on the class of module that is installed. A Frame Shift Drive can be supercharged for a single jump by passing through the polar emission jets of white dwarf stars or neutron stars. Hyperspace Fuel Equation The effective fuel consumption of a ship travelling in hyperspace can be calculated with the help of the formula below. The formula is speculative and was in part deduced from user experimentation. This constant depends upon the rating of the frame shift drive. frameshift drive Frameshift drive frameshift drive

Licence Restrictions" and "4. Acceptable Use Restrictions".

frameshift drive

This primarily means that the following is prohibited: Promoting exploits or cheats, such as hacks or combat logging. Monetizing Elite Dangerous content unless officially licensed.

frameshift drive

Buying or selling copies. Please review our Removals Info Frameshift drive for more details. If you have a question about the removal, or have edited your submission to abide by the rulesdo not reply to this message, message the modteam instead.]

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