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Nigeria al jazeera 6 days ago · The establishment of the Seigneurs as a ruling body within Gallia has lead to a portion of the Gallic Navy to serve as the personal security forces for these individuals. Those under said designation are primarily a member of the security forces of the Lords of Gallia while there is a significant chance to be housing the Lord in person upon their flagships. 5 days ago · Retire from Public Life A few weeks into his praetorship, Caesar supported a tribune who proposed a bill to recall Pompey and his army to restore order to Rome (Catiline conspiracy, rebel led army on mainland Italy). Caesar. The Gallic Wars were a series of military campaigns waged by the Roman proconsul Julius Caesar against numerous Gallic tribes between 58 BC and 50 BC. They culminated in the decisive Battle of Alesia in 52 BC, in which a complete Roman victory resulted in the expansion of the Roman Republic over the whole of Gaul (mainly present-day France and Belgium). Location: Gaul (present-day France, Luxembourg, .

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Some would become men of great renown in Roman history, such as Trajan, but others were despicable leaders, such as Nero and Caligula. However, all of them changed the course of the Roman Empire, with many of them becoming known for their great accomplishments. One of these emperors was Aurelian. Aurelian was a great military leader, strong emperor, and a strict administrator. With the Romans taking over, Roman Catholic became the main religion, as it is today in France. Now properly backed Caesar was elected to consul in 59 BC, despite Optimate hostility, the year after he was appointed governor of Roman Gaul. gallic soldiers. Gallic soldiers

Doomed is perhaps a harsh word, yet history has proven this to be true.

gallic soldiers

But how? Brennus had destroyed the Roman phalanx army at Allia a few days before, had besieged- and then captured- the city of Rome itself. Gauls ruled the lands from modern Florence north to the sea, from the Rhein in the east to the Atlantic in the West. Celtic warlords ruled Britannia and Spain, the mountains of Switzerland, and southeast to the Black Sea.

Yet three and a half centuries later, only the island-bound Gallic soldiers remained, and a century later they too fell to Roman might. Who were these Gauls? gallic soldiers

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And how could they be so thoroughly conquered by a single city they themselves had conquered? The answer to the first question is rather difficult, while that of the second is relatively easy. Why is the first so difficult? Well, the Gauls had no written language. Their histories and laws were memorized by the Druids, whose incredible feats of memory were legendary and well-documented.

When the Druids died out, so did the Gallic point of view. This leaves us with the written records of those who they solsiers the Greeks and Romans- both of whom have ample reason to portray the Gauls in a manner suiting their own ends and aims. Gallic soldiers is gallic soldiers true read article the victors write the histories.

gallic soldiers

So we have to step away from the bias, and gallic soldiers the remaining facts in pure form. Origins Archaeological evidence leads us to believe the Gauls evolved into tribes approximately three thousand five hundred years ago, in the northern part of Modern Germany. Five hundred years later we have evidence of them in southern Germany, suggesting their displacement south toward warmer weather- and maybe under pressure from the emerging Germanic tribes just forming along the Baltic coast. From there they spread in all directions, to Gaul and Gallic soldiers in the paper on, Spain in the Southwest, northern Italy in the due south, and along the Danube to the southeast. Artifacts left behind tell us that the Gauls were an Iron-Age people, and among the first to use steel.

gallic soldiers

They were masters of working with iron, and from the bridle-bits and other pieces of equipment we can see that they were clever workers of metal and great horsemen indeed. They were among the first to use doldiers in swords. The chainmail corselet is attributed to Gallic origins, gallic soldiers their Norican steel was reputed to be the finest anywhere.

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Their grave sites also tell us much. They were on average taller than the Mediterranean peoples, gallic soldiers had artistic ability. They minted coins, developed art, and were ingenious craftsmen. They had a rich and developed polytheistic religion covering most aspects of tribal life and society. They were a race of tall, strong warriors, clad in shirts of steel, wielding iron weapons aoldiers others were still into bronze, and fantastic horsemen.]

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