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Glamis Thou Art - Lady Macbeth glamis thou art and cawdor and shalt be. Glamis thou art and cawdor and shalt be

Browse the database of more than essays donated by our community members! Shakespeare opens the play with a meeting taking place between the three witches and Macbeth.

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Once the reader has read just the opening of the play they are not made aware of the significance of the witches. It is in Act 1 Scene 3 that the audience discovers the true nature and role of the witches.

glamis thou art and cawdor and shalt be

Shakespeare introduces the witches in an atmosphere that reflects upon their nature. The fact that Shakespeare uses such an atmosphere to present the witches, illustrates to the audience the witches are evil and sinister beings in the play. Also when Shakespeare uses insects in the cauldron scene, the audience is made aware of the destructive and fearful atmosphere when the witches are present.

Hence, through Cawwdor using such words, he effectively conveys the supernatural powers of the witches — again making the audience aware of the powers the witches possess.

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The witches had chosen the right moment to approach Macbeth, as he was in that state of mind where he could have had anyone easily persuading him to carry out anything evil. This is because he had just returned from the battle and killing others. They showed him they have the power of prophecy by showing him the 3 apparitions and predicting his future, which must have made Macbeth feel more at ease by knowing that what the witches tell him must be what is going to come true take place.

They torment Macbeth with riddles.

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Thus, from the above we come to see how the witches are beings that seek to lead man away from that which is moral. Throughout the play, the audience comes to realise the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth is a paramount issue. Initially, the relationship that exists between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth seems to be quite normal and is like that of a genuine married couple. Only once the reader reads on, do they realise it is Lady Macbeth who undertakes the role Macbeth should be playing — instead of Macbeth laying down rules and regulations, Lady Macbeth does so.]

glamis thou art and cawdor and shalt be

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