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Nicholas Carr: Is the Internet Making Us Stupid? google makes us stupid

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The author feels that the internet is bad for the brain. Nicholas Carr writes that he spends much of his leisure time from the Net. There are many different advantages, as well as disadvantages of the internet. Many people say the internet makes you smarter, but others say it can make you less smart. The internet has many pros and cons; including social media, video games, gaining information, endless entertainment and The Pros And Cons Of Millennials Words 5 Pages Millennials. Or an intelligent and educated young future people of our country? Andrea Lunsford, professor of writing and rhetoric at Stanford University, helps us evaluate her discovery called the Stanford Study of Writing. Google makes us stupid

You can use additional essays as support for your own ideas, but you should construct your own argument in response to one particular author.

google makes us stupid

If need be, at your Studio appointment, ask your consultant how to avoid using first-person pronouns in an academic essay. I will deduct 2 points for every google makes us stupid of first-person pronoun. Make sure to create the best essay that you can make sure that the first line of every paragraph is indented; the first letter of every sentence is capitalized; proper names should be capitalized, etc I will be looking for basic grammar, spelling and essay format. This essay needs to be 3 pages in length, size 12 and Times New Roman font, and double spaced.]

google makes us stupid

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