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The Epistles of Wisdom is the foundational text of the Druze faith. Even though the faith originally developed out of Isma'ilism , Druze do not identify as Muslims. The Druze community played a critically important role in shaping the history of the Levant , where it continues to play a significant political role. As a religious minority in every country in which they are found, they have frequently experienced persecution by different Muslim regimes. They are found primarily in Syria , Lebanon and Israel , with small communities in Jordan. The oldest and most densely-populated Druze communities exist in Mount Lebanon and in the south of Syria around Jabal al-Druze literally the "Mountain of the Druzes". They are known to form close-knit, cohesive communities which do not fully allow non Druzes in. Before becoming public, the movement was secretive and held closed meetings in what was known as Sessions of Wisdom. During this stage a dispute occurred between ad-Darazi and Hamza bin Ali mainly concerning ad-Darazi's ghuluww "exaggeration" , which refers to the belief that God was incarnated in human beings especially ' Ali and his descendants, including Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah , who was the caliph at the time and to ad-Darazi naming himself "The Sword of the Faith", which led Hamza to write an epistle refuting the need for the sword to spread the faith and several epistles refuting the beliefs of the ghulat. In ad-Darazi and his followers openly proclaimed their beliefs and called people to join them, causing riots in Cairo against the Unitarian movement including Hamza bin Ali and his followers.

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Muslims believe that the Quran , the central religious text of Islam, was revealed to Muhammad by God, and that Muhammad was sent to restore Islam , which they believe did not originate with Muhammad but is the true unaltered original monotheistic faith of Adam , Abraham , Moses , Jesus , and other prophets. In Medina, Muhammad sketched out the Constitution of Medina specifying the rights of and relations among the various existing communities there, formed an independent community , and managed to establish the first Islamic state. The Quran enumerates little about Muhammad's early life or other biographic details, but it talks about his prophetic mission, his moral excellence, and theological issues regarding Muhammad. According to the Quran, Muhammad is the last in a chain of prophets sent by God Some of such verses are , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and Other terms are used, including "Warner", "bearer of glad tidings", and the "one who invites people to a Single God" Quran , and The Quran asserts that Muhammad was a man who possessed the highest moral excellence, and that God made him a good example or a "goodly model" for Muslims to follow Quran , and The Quran disclaims any superhuman characteristics for Muhammad, [25] but describes him in terms of positive human qualities.

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Mary [c] was a 1st century Galilean Jewish woman of Nazareth[2] [3] the wife of Joseph and the mother of Jesusaccording to the canonical gospels and the Quran.

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According to Christian theologyMary conceived Jesus through the Holy Spirit while still a virgin, and accompanied Joseph to Bethlehemwhere Jesus was born. According to Catholic and Eastern Christian teachings, at the end of her earthly life, God raised Mary's body directly into heaven ; this is known in the Christian West as the Assumption of Mary.

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Mary has been venerated since early Christianity[9] [10] and is considered by millions to be the most meritorious saint of the religion. She is said to have miraculously appeared to believers many times over the centuries. There is significant diversity in the Marian beliefs and devotional practices of major Christian traditions.

The Catholic Church holds distinctive Marian dogmasnamely her status as the Mother of God, her Immaculate Conceptionher perpetual virginityand her Assumption into heaven. The title "Theotokos" was recognized at the Council of Ephesus in The direct equivalents of title in Latin are Deipara and Dei Genitrixalthough the phrase is more often holy land prayer translated into Latin as Mater Dei "Mother of God"with similar patterns for other languages used in the Latin Church. Some Marian titles have a direct scriptural basis. For instance, the title "Queen Mother" has been given holy land prayer Mary, as she was the mother of Jesus, sometimes referred to as the "King of Kings" due to his ancestral descent from King David. She is often referred to by the honorific title "Sayyidatuna"meaning "Our Lady"; this title is in parallel to "Sayyiduna" "Our Lord"used for the prophets.

The New Testament tells little of Mary's early history. The Gospel of Matthew does give a genealogy for Jesus by his father's paternal line, only identifying Mary as the wife of Joseph.

holy land prayer

John states that Mary had a sister; semantically it is unclear if this sister is the same as Mary of Clopas holy land prayer, or if she is left unnamed. Jerome identifies Mary of Clopas as the sister lnad Mary, mother of Jesus. According to the writer of Luke, Mary was a relative of Elizabethwife of the priest Zechariah of the priestly division of Abijahwho was herself part of the lineage of Aaron and so of the tribe of Levi.

holy land prayer

Mary resided in "her own house" [Lk. Let it be done unto me according to your word.


Since the angel Gabriel had told Mary that Hkly previously lrayer barren—was then miraculously pregnant, [53] Mary hurried to see Elizabeth, who was living with her husband Zechariah in " Hebronin the hill country of Judah". According to the author of the gospel according to Luke, a decree of the Roman Emperor Augustus required that Joseph return to his hometown of Bethlehem to register for a Roman census; see Holy land prayer of Quirinius.

After Mary continued in the " blood of her purifying " another 33 days, for a total of 40 alnd, she brought her burnt offering and sin offering to the Temple in Jerusalem[Luke ] so the priest could make atonement for her. After the prophecies of Simeon and the prophetess Anna in Luke —38the family "returned into Galilee, to their own city Nazareth". According to the author of the gospel according to Matthew, the Magi arrived at Bethlehem where Jesus and his family were living. Joseph was warned lland a dream that King Herod wanted to murder the infant, and the family fled by night to Egypt and stayed there for some time. Mary is involved in the only event in Jesus' adolescent life that is recorded in the New Testament. At the age of 12, Jesus, having become separated from his parents on their return journey from the Passover celebration in Jerusalem, was found in the Temple among the tsunami killer teachers.

Mary was present when, at her suggestion, Jesus worked his first miracle during a wedding at Cana by turning water into wine. The hagiography of Mary and the Holy Family can be contrasted with other material in the Gospels. These references include an incident which can be interpreted as Jesus rejecting his family in the New Testament: "And his holy land prayer and his brothers arrived, and standing outside, they sent in a click to see more asking for him […] And looking at those who sat in a circle around him, Jesus said, 'These are my holy land prayer and my holy land prayer.

Whoever does the will of God is my brother, and sister, and mother'.

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Mary hoyl also depicted as being present among the women at the crucifixion during the crucifixion standing near "the disciple whom Jesus loved" along with Mary of Clopas and Mary Magdalene[Jn —26] to which list Matthew adds "the mother of the sons of Zebedee", presumably the Salome mentioned in Mark This representation is called a Stabat Mater. In Actsespecially v.

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