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If we want to trace our most ancient ancestors, we and all other life on Earth could rewind all the way to primordial microbes, but the oldest hominid to act human still goes way back. Homo erectus is the oldest ancestor we have with more human than apelike characteristics. It was not the first hominid to stand up, but it started showing significant brain growth and evidence of tool use that set it apart from Australopithecus and earlier Homo species. But just how old is H. The answer could be around 2 million. homo erectus information. Homo erectus information

The Challenges of Dating Our First Ancestors at Lake Turkana

Informatipn new study verifies the age and origin of one of the oldest specimens of Homo erectus —a very successful early human who roamed the world for nearly 2 million years. In doing so, the researchers also found two homo erectus information specimens at the erectud the earliest pieces of the Homo erectus skeleton yet discovered.

Details are published today in the journal Nature Communications. Inscientists at the East Turkana site in Kenya found one of the oldest pieces of evidence for H. The East Turkana specimen homo erectus information only surpassed in age by a 2-million-year-old skull specimen in South Africa. But there was pushback within the field, with some researchers arguing that the http://rectoria.unal.edu.co/uploads/tx_felogin/art-therapy-and-the-creative-process/economic-causes-of-imperialism.php Turkana specimen could have come from a younger fossil deposit and was possibly moved by water or wind to the spot where it was found.

To pinpoint the locality, the researchers relied on archival materials and geological surveys.

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We had to go through hundreds of pages from old reports and published homo erectus information, reassessing the initial evidence and searching for new clues. We also had to use satellite data and aerial imagery to find out where the fossils were discovered, recreate the 'scene,' and place it in a larger context to find the right clues for determining the age of the fossils.

homo erectus information

Although located in a different East Turkana collection area than initially reported, the skull specimen was found in a location that had no evidence of a younger fossil outcrop that may have washed there. This supports the original age given to the fossil. Within 50 meters of this reconstructed location, the researchers found two new hominin specimens: a partial pelvis and a foot bone. Although the researchers say they could be from the same individual, there's no way to prove that after the fossils have been separated visit web page so long. But they might be the earliest postcrania—"below the head"—specimens yet discovered for H. The scientists also collected fossilized teeth from other kinds of vertebrates, mostly mammals, from the area. From the enamel, they collected and analyzed isotope data to paint a better picture of the environment in which the H.

The work suggests that this early H. Key to the field work driving this homo erectus information were the students and staff homo erectus information the Koobi Fora Field School, which provides undergraduate and graduate students with on-the-ground experience in paleoanthropology. The school is run through a collaboration between The George Washington University and the National Museums of Kenya, and with instructors from institutions from around North America, Europe, and Africa.

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