How did the incas keep records -

How did the incas keep records how did the incas keep records how did the incas keep records

Peru is a very special and unique country! We have prepared for you the ultimate collection of the most fun and interesting facts about Peru.

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We have divided these facts into several categories — fun, geographic, historical, economic, Link culture, food and drinks, fauna and floraand more… Enjoy! It may sound strange but eating guinea pigs is actually a delicacy in Peru. Guinea pigs are different from other animals that people eat because they have hair instead of fur, which gives them a more gamey recoords, and also because many cultures consider them pets rather than food.

how did the incas keep records

Peruvian cuisine has been influenced by Spanish cooking since the Spaniards conquered the Inca Empire inso you can find some dishes with both European and indigenous influences on this menu — including roasted guinea pig! The tradition is based on thhe belief that if you wear a new pair link underwear during the first moments of the new year, you will have luck and prosperity for an entire year.

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Chili sauce has been a popular food ingredient for centuries and when prisoners began to use it more often in their cooking, there were reports of increased sexual arousal among inmates. It led click officials to ban its usage as an ingredient in many dishes served inside penitentiaries. Every woman in the Quechua tribe they live near Machu Picchu has a unique hat that tells you their marital status. Married women wear straw hats, where single women wear knitted caps. Did you know that Peru used to be the world leader in exporting bird droppings?

how did the incas keep records

This was back when the Inca Empire controlled most of South America. The ancient Peruvians were a culture that followed strict burial rituals. One of these rituals was to bury food with the dead.]

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