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Nearly all students believe academic cheating is wrong, yet few students say they would report witnessed acts of cheating.

Identity In The Yellow Face

Most students gave reasons against reporting a peer e. Study 2 provided experimental confirmation that the contextual factors referenced by Study 1 participants in fact influenced decisions about whether to report cheating.

identity confusion definition psychology

Rather, students may refrain from identity confusion definition psychology because of conflicting concerns, lack of information about school policy, and perceived better alternatives to reporting. When students witness their peers violating academic integrity policies, they face a dilemma: Should they report their peers' cheating to the school? By holding each other accountable, students can foster communities of academic integrity Burrus et al. Many university policies require students to report any read more violations of academic integrity e.

Most students encounter cheating in college Baird, ; Brown, ; McCabe et al. Why do students refrain from reporting cheating, even though they say cheating is wrong?

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One possible explanation is that students simply do not care about academic integrity, and their rejections of cheating are insincere. Alternatively, students may decide against reporting because they prioritize competing concerns e. In Study 1we investigated potential barriers to reporting by interviewing undergraduate students about why they would be willing—or unwilling—to report a peer.

We define academic cheating —referred to in this paper as cheating— as an academic action that violates institutional rules and would yield academic advantages to one or more students if carried out successfully Barnhardt, ; Idenntity, ; Murdock et al. Examples of cheating include bringing prohibited crib notes into an exam or giving identity confusion definition psychology answers to a classmate Waltzer et al. Thus, reasons against reporting plagiarism e.

Unlike prior work Harding et al.]

identity confusion definition psychology

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