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LAWS REQUIRING THAT FACILITIES AND ACCOMMODATIONS, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE, BE SEGREGATED BY RACE. 58 minutes ago · How Did Ancient Greece And Roman Culture Influence Western Civilizations Words | 7 Pages. Jordan Calon Humanities Final Exam Submitted: December 15, The cultures and traditions of ancient Rome and Greece played a major role in influencing modern day western civilizations, particularly in the practices of art, literature, architecture, philosophy, and especially real . 6 days ago · How did the polis serve both the unite and to separate people living in different parts of ancient Greece? Compare and contrast the Minoan with the Mycenean civlization of ancient Greece. How did the outcome of the Persian Wars of the fifth and sixth centuries BC impact Greece? 4 days ago · Describe the impact of the Macedonian conquest on the development of Ancient Greece. King Phillip the second conquered the Persian empire. His troops refused to march farther. The conquest extended from Greece in the west, across Asia Minor, Egypt, and Mesopotamia, as far as the Indus River valley in the east. The conquests spread Greek.
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impact of ancient greece

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Ancient Greece Vocabulary. Ancient Greece Cities. Ancient Greece Geography.

impact of ancient greece

Ancient Greece Achievements. Ancient Greece Gods. Which of the main city states in Ancient Greece focuses more on War. Everyone's equal and have the same rights and opportunities no matter the race or gender. A type ggeece government, a small group of people having control over a country or organization.

impact of ancient greece

What did they call the gathering where the citizens met to debate issues in Athens?]

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