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What Caused the Age of Imperialism? AP Euro Bit by Bit #37

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Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, has not received a single dose of Covid vaccine. Self-liberated enslaved people expelled their colonizers, and imperialism has been punishing Haiti — directly or indirectly — ever since. The shipment was to be a mere , doses of the AstraZeneca two-dose regimen, meaning fewer than , people would be served. All this is unfolding as the country has officially reported some 12, cases and deaths — figures widely disputed by public health groups around the world, which say they are grossly underreported. He has refused to leave office. Meanwhile, the Haitian government seems to be promoting virus skepticism. Large, maskless crowds are common throughout the cities. From the moment the new Haitian republic was declared in , an international boycott was organized. France piled high debt on the country. The United States occupied the island from to , and has dominated the country ever since the end of World War II — including helping prop up brutal dictatorships for decades. imperialism video

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This March, U. Customs and Border Protection agents encountered nearly 19, unaccompanied minors at the U. The current administration must imperialism video the immediate needs of people seeking refuge at the southern border while also tackling the root causes of forced displacement and migration: U. Earlier this week, we heard echoes of this imperialism as the Biden administration reached with Latin American nations to implement militarized solutions to the forced displacement crisis.

Liberating our geopolitical imagination begins with ending the use of militaristic terms when we discuss migration.

imperialism video

To understand why there are so many unaccompanied minors at the border imperialism video, we need to rewind to the start of the pandemic. On March 20, the Trump administration implemented section of Title 42 under U. This action effectively closed the Southern Border to people imperialism video asylum — including unaccompanied children — by allowing officials to immediately expel asylum-seekers back to Mexico or their countries of origin, even though health experts, including the top doctor at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who oversaw such decisions, said there was no health rationale to do so.

imperialism video

This decision placed unaccompanied children at greater risk by immediately sending them back to imperialism video dangers they fled, including violence and exploitation—a violation of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. The act ensures non-Canadian and non-Mexican unaccompanied children can be adequately assessed viceo cared for in the U.

In January, the Biden administration opted to stop expelling unaccompanied children under Title But even though unaccompanied minors are now allowed to remain, they still are not safe. Afterward many children are transferred to large-scale, unlicensed influx facilitiesincluding military bases and facilities that have been accused of physical and sexual abuse in the past.

If a parent or relative cannot be found within 11 of the human hour limit, the government could prioritize small-scale, non-restrictive facilities licensed for childcare videeo ensure the best care possible for this vulnerable population. Meanwhile, the rest of Title 42 remains in effect, which means the southern border remains closed to many families and single adults arriving today to seek asylum; according to data provided by U. Customs and Border Protections, in March alone there werepeople expelled under Title The administration must suspend the use of Title 42 and imperialism video the asylum process by using COVID testing before admitting asylum seekers, providing personal protective equipment to workers at ports of entry, practicing social distance and — most importantly — imperialism video on community-based, cost-effective alternatives to detention.

imperialism video

When it comes to migration, the U. Beginning with the Monroe Doctrine inwhich positioned the U. For example, in the first quarter of the 20th century, U. Marines often intervened in Central America imperialism video protect U. In El Salvadorthe U. And as recently aswhen Honduran President Manuel Zelaya was unconstitutionally overthrown by the military, the U.]

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