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Baseball is the great American pastime! In many ways the history of baseball and that of our country go hand-in-hand. The game has evolved as we have grown as a nation; the inception of each closely parallels each other. Albeit, many say baseball was derived from the English game of rounders or cricket, but baseball is definitely a different game! Beginning with base ball two separate words and town-ball, our national game has been enmeshed with the growth of our country since the first shot was fired in the American Revolution until the present day. When Abraham Lincoln was a possible candidate for President in , he was approached by a messenger, during a pickup game of baseball, with important pre-election news. Abe simply asked him to wait as he did not want to miss his turn at bat! The news? Abe had been nominated for President by the Republican Party! importance of baseball Importance of baseball importance of baseball

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Does to me, anyways. I cannot salute the flag; I know that I am a black man in a white world These incendiary modern-sounding words were written and stated in interviews by Jackie Robinson, not long before his death or age 53 from various medical ailments probably exacerbated by stress. They are quoted in Michael G. A supporter of the civil rights movement who disagreed with some of its most influential leaders. And a much more fiery baseball player than was importance of baseball known at the time or is prominent in his legend today. Not true.

importance of baseball

When, in the Army, some jackasses tried to make him sit segregated on a troop transport bus, Robinson told them to eff off with full cusswords segregation being, technically, illegal in the Army by that date. And then did so.

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Robinson got it coming and going, politically. He knew and admired both Dr. King and Malcolm X, for different reasons, yet often opposed them on strategy if not principle. Because of the collected-essay format the authors are split about equally between academics and baseball historianseach reader will probably find essays more in their area of interest and ones which are less

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