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Ssd 2 module 1 1 day ago · Realism is questioned from two sides, the philosophy of science and religion. First, the “underdetermination of theories by data” and the revision of the “miracle argument” make it Missing: turkey.
inductivist turkey

Deduction requires one or more premises. Induction is messy, it is uncertain. The temptation is to sweep the inductive steps in the scientific inductivist turkey under the carpet and concentrate on the useful products; and on the formally correct deductive reasoning that can extend knowledge.

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Unfortunately, deduction can NEVER be divorced from the building blocks it manipulates; and those blocks are always inductively induchivist at. The scientific method does not rest on bedrock. It rests on a sea of induction; floating and reacting to observations.

The impulse to fasten inductivist turkey scientific method to a false and arbitrary bedrock results in a slower response to new observations that must modify the artificially identified bedrock.]

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