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Infectious disease essay

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But you can one from professional essay writers. Print: 58 Example image Avians and Humans Relationships to Diseases The birds get diseases by some feeders that has bacteria or old food in it, and if a bug bites them and the bug already had a disease. The most common diseases in birds are salmonellosis, trichomoniasis, aspergillosis, avian pox, and lyme disease. Salmonellosis is mostly common in feeders with bacteria in them. Trichomoniasis is a disease that spreads fast in birds if a dove or pigeon has it and a hawk or eagle eat it now they have it. It cause the birds to have sores in their throats and make it to where the birds are not able to swallow anything. Aspergillosis is a fungal infection that can be found in damp or wet seed mix in birds nests. Avian pox is reported to spread 60 bird species. infectious disease essay.

Diseases Assignment Essay Diseases Assignment Essay Hantaviruses are evolutionarily closely connected to the certain rodent species of the families Cricetidae and Muridae voles, mice, and rats.

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The viruses are spread mainly by coughing or sneezing. The sources of human infection are rodent carriers who shed the virus along with the excretions into the environment. There is a possibility of human infectious disease essay through nutrition, namely the use of products that have not been heat treated vegetables, bread, etc. The risk groups include the military, rural residents, urban industrial workers and employees, and tourists hunting, fishing, picking mushrooms, berries, etc. Sick people probably are not a source of infection.

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The natural reservoirs for the virus are voles Apodemus agrarius and Asian rats Apodemus peninsulae. Diseases Assignment Essay Sample Giardiasis is a disease caused by a single-celled parasite Giardia lamblia, which is introduced into the tissues of the intestine.

infectious disease essay

Giardiasis is common among children as well as among adults of certain categories, particularly among homosexuals, people who often visit developing countries, as well as patients with chronic pancreatitis and with low acidity of gastric juice, and people with removed stomach. Infection occurs through the transfer of cysts of the infectious disease essay from one person to another.

Direct transmission occurs between children or sexual partners, while indirect — through dirty food and water. Giardiasis is revealed intermittently through nausea, increased flatulence bloatingand diarrhea. Severe forms of the disease can break the absorption of food, which is manifested in the weight leslie starks.

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Other symptoms depend on the order in which infestations occurred in parts of the intestine. Metronidazole and tinidazole are subscribed for the treatment of giardiasis drugs are contraindicated during pregnancy.

infectious disease essay

The course of treatment also includes sparing diet containing sufficient amount of animal protein and yeast.

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infectious disease essay

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