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Int1 task 3

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int1 task 3

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In our daily life we get distracted or interrupted by others many times. In that condition we suspend our ongoing work and pay attention to what others have to say. We only tazk our previously suspended work after int1 task 3 completion of the interrupted task. The master which controls the processing of thoughts in us is our brain.

int1 task 3

The brain stops processing ongoing thoughts when we get interrupted and starts processing the other task. It resumes the previous ongoing processing when the task is complete. The controller works in a similar manner.

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Here, we will study interrupts associated with our NRF. We all know the task of interrupts in any controller. It tells the microcontroller to suspend read more current execution of code, save the current state and process interrupt request. ISR is a function or procedure defined in the code int1 task 3 gets executed when interrupt occurs. Same is the case with NRF. In NRF24LE1, there are total 18 sources for interrupts out of which 4 are hardware based and the rest are software based.

Each Interrupt source has a vector address at which ISR has to be written. The attached image consists of different sources, vector address, polarity and their description.

int1 task 3

Interrupt pin for INT0 is P0. Interrupts can be controlled through various registers detailed below :. For software interrupt, we need to enable them int1 task 3 to functionalities we are using. For example, if we are using Timers then we will enable Timer interrupt which is associated with the internal timers of our module.

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Presently we are focused on discussing hardware interrupts INT0. Some simple steps through which we can configure INT0 are We have also written a code to explain the working of interrupt INT0. Besides, an LED blinking program has been written in our interrupt service routine.

int1 task 3

So the LED will blink whenever an interrupt occurs. Connect with Engineers Garage on Social Media. Search Engineers Garage.]

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